The Norwegian News

I am in the Norwegian newspaper Ukeadressa tomorrow, the entire front page and 4 pages inside! 🙂

Ready for exhibitions

28th March 2012 Here’s my most recent painting, so now I am all ready and set for both of the exhibitions I am having after Easter! This painting is called Keep Me Safe, and you can view it in a larger format in the couples-gallery I have also chosen to use this painting for the … Continued

More hands

15th March 2012 Here’s my newest painting, – old and young hands once again. It’s been a while since I used these colours so i felt it was about time again. This one is called Heritage, – and naturally enough you’ll find it in the hands and feet-gallery

Lecture and 2 new paintings

2.March 2012 Today I have been to Orkdal College and held a lecture about me and my art for the students there who has a subject called “Art and Communication”. It is always nice to be asked to do lectures like this, and since today was my second visit to that College I assume they … Continued