Raise Your Voice

26th february 2013 It’s now closing up to my exhibition “Raise Your Voice! at Gallery Hans, Ørland Cultural Center, read more about it on their web site here There has been some changes, this will now be a solo exhibition to celebrate the suffrage centenary. The exhibition will hang 9th March-7th April, and the opening … Continued

Painting and painting

25th February 2013 I have been working in my art studio all hours since new years, as a result of being booked into a lot of galleries, and having a fair bit of commissions. So here’s another new painting, this one is called In My Hand. And you’ll find it in the hands and feet … Continued

Women’s suffrage centenary

22nd February 2013 On 11 June 2013 it will be 100 years since Norwegian women gained the right to vote and Norway became a true democracy.The Government wishes to celebrate the suffrage centenary with events throughout the country. The celebrations in 2013 will highlight the importance of 1913 in Norway’s history I am one of … Continued

Sandnes in April-May

21st February 2013 In a couple of months I will be travelling to Sandnes with my pictures. So if you’re in that area, please come and see my exhibition at Thrane Farm Gallery 20th April-27th May.The opening will be Saturday 20th April at 18.00, – you’re all welcome! See more about the gallery on their … Continued

Something new and different

14th February 2013 Here’s another new painting, a very different one compared to what people have come to expect from me.It’s always fun and exciting to try something new though! It’s called “Breaking all Boundaries”, and you’ll find it in the emotions and feelings gallery


12th February 2013 My second painting this year is finished!I just discovered that all of the paintings I am currently working on all have a fair bit of the colour blue on them, which is very unusual for me! Blue is not a colour I use a lot of in my art.But I have been … Continued

February Exhibition

10th February 2013 My art exhibition with Sunndal Art Association, in Gally Barbara, opened on Thursday 7th February. This exhibition will last all of February, so there’s plenty of time to go and see it yet!Here’s a couple of photos from the opening, Photos: Kjell Ove Holsbøvåg:

Papyrus Delivery

1.February 2013 Yaaayyyy!!! I just have to shout, as I have finally received a parcel with papyrus from Egypt! 🙂 So now I am finally able to paint more papyrus paintings. All of you who have been asking about these lately know that I have been sold out for some time, but now there’s finally … Continued

Successful Opening

1.February 2013 The opening of my exhibition at Snefugl Farm Gallery in Buvika was a success! Here’s a photo taken just before the opening; Sunday 3.February is the final opening day of this exhibition. So if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you still have a few days left:-) I am not … Continued