A small oil painting

21.July 2014 I just finished an oil painting today, a rather small one. It is called “Quiet Contemplation” and is 32×45 cm You can find this ine in the Emotions and feelings-gallery

The Four Elements

17.July 2014 I have just finished another little series of small papyrus paintings, – my third quadriptych. Not a word you hear on a regular basis, – but basically it just means 4 pictures in 1. Previously I have painted the four seasons, this time I have painted the four elements; water, Earth, Fire and … Continued

Building and painting

9.July 2014 I have been very busy the last few weeks, in addition to Fairs and Market Days I have been spending most of my time working on the old barn where my new art studio will be. In addition I do my best to find time to paint some new painting. Here is my … Continued

Market days and Fairs

29.juni 2014 The annual Market Day during the Cultural Week in Rindal is on Saturday 5th July. I will be there selling my Inga Dalsegg merchandise.This traditional Market day is always well visited, last year there was more than 1 500 people visiting it! It is always a lively event with all sorts of stalls … Continued

Large commission

26.June 2014 I have been fortunate enough to have plenty of commissions this year, – here’s a fairly large commission I just finished, it’s 78x120cm, and is called Sunset. You can see a larger version in the Commissions-gallery