Packed at Pumpkin carving workshop!

30.October 2014Wow what a day yesterday ended up being!!So many people showed up, there wasn’t room for any more, and the result was 35 pumpkin lanterns.Several journalists also showed up, including the tv-channel TV2. The result was sent on the National Breakfast-tv show “God Morgen Norge” this morning. This is the 3rd year in a … Continued

Jack O’ Lanterns

27.October 2014 The big Pumpkin lantern carving day is just around the corner, I have to admit I am really excited and can hardly wait! I love carving pumpkin lanterns, so I think it is just brilliant that so many people want to come and learn this.Here’s one I carved yesterday, just to give you … Continued

The times of day

25. October 2014I have now finished all four paintings in the series with the times of day.Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night.They are each 32x42cm, and are framed individually. You can find photos of all four paintings in the album Emotions and feelings

Brand new Inga merchandise

23.October 2014 The parcels containing the trays and coasters with my paintings ont hem finally arrived today! So I finally have Inga-trays and -coasters in stock!These will be added to the order form her eon my web site ASAP. But untill then, please just contact me and I will take your order and sort it … Continued

Fun pumpkin lanterns

10.October 2014 Do you want to learn how to carve cool pumpkin lanterns for Halloween? Welcome to a pumpkin carving workshop at Ingas art studio; Dalalåven Atelier! Some extra info: Avoid buying a pumpkin that is partly green og very light yellow, they are not ripe, so they are very hard and difficult to carve.carving … Continued

3 new paintings

4.October 2014 Here’s my most recent paintings, 2 painted on papyrus and one on canvas.The first one is a small papyrus painting called “New Friendship”, it’s 34x24cm. The second one is the first painting in a series of 4. It’s called “Night” and it’s 32x42cm. I am currently painting on “Evening”, and have started on … Continued

Christmas fairs

3.October 2014 Some of you have probably started thinking about Christmas presents already, – well for the ones of you who haven’t started buying presents quite yet; I’ll be having a stall at the local Christmas Fair “Rindalsmessa” 8th-9th November, and at the big Christmas Fair “Orkdalsmessa” 29th-30th November.Rindalsmessa is held here in Rindal, and … Continued