Dream Grant, radio and film

Thursday 19th March 2015 I have just returned from inspiring, exciting, creative, intense and hard working days in Trysil as a member of the National Art Jury for “Drømmestipendet” – The Dream Grant.I feel it is a great honour to be a member of this jury, and can safely say that we have a lot … Continued

2 New paintings

Saturday 14.March 2015 There is a lot going on at my art studio these days! I finnished two new paintings yesterday, one of them was painted on commission and got picked up by it’s new owners today. it is called Golden Fields, you see it below here: This next one is called Mutual Trust, and … Continued

So much happening!

Tuesday 10th March 2015 On Sunday I leave for Trysil, where I will spend several days sitting in the Natioanl Art Jury for Drømmestipendet (“the Dream Grant”). I look forward to long and intense, but exciting days there! You can read more about it on their web site here A small update on what’s going … Continued

Inga on NRK radio

Saturday 7th March 2015 I was in Trondheim in NRK’s radio studio on Thursday. If you would like to hear the interview it is available on net-radio now. Click and hear me here The program is called God ettermiddag Trøndelag (Good afternoon Trøndelag)

Winter Noise and new painting

Sunday 1.March 2015 Yesterday I participated in the so called Inspirational Bomb during the Cultural Week “Winter Noise” in Meldal.And WHAT a day!!At the end of the day I honsetly felt like a super star and just wanted to say “Thank you Storås, thank you, you’ve been great!” as I left the stage!The day was … Continued