New Inga-merchandise

Sunday 20th September 2015 It’s always exciting to launch new products, so I am happy to tell you that I just have approved the test prints of 4 new coasters! I am not quite sure when the new coasters will be ready and arrive, – but I will add them to the web shop here … Continued

1.September 2015 Here’s a little update of what is happening and where you will find me the next few months. I will host a Pumpkin carving workshop at my art studio same as last year. the date is Thursday 29.October. 7.-8.November you will find me at our big local Christmas Fair; Rindalsmessa. This has become … Continued

Dark papyrus

30.August 2015 It is always exciting to try something new. I managed to get hold of some dark papyrus from my supplier in Egypt a few months ago. I have finished my very first paintings on this now. I have to admit it was very frustrating to paint on for a while. The colours just … Continued