Cultural conference 2016

Tuesday 26.January 2016 I will be participating at the Cultural Conference 2016 in Sunndal. I will tell my story about how the murder of my twin sister affected both my life and my art. “The art of living” is the 5th Cultural conference arranged by Sunndal council. It is in the 9th March at Sunndal … Continued

30 % off art calendars. Photos of new portraits

Thursday 21st January 2016 I have just updated the portrait-gallery here with two pictures, – these are drawings I made a little while ago, but I could not publish them online until after Christmas as the people who commissioned them were going to give them away as Christmas presents. If you are interested in commissioning … Continued

First painting on canvas this year

Sunday 17th January 2016 I have just finished my first painting on canvas this year, – this one is called “Teach Me to Fly” and is 65 x 30 cm. Hands is something I always keep coming back to as a motif. This time I felt it was right to also paint the entore child … Continued

First painting of the year!

Thursday 7th January 2016 It’s always a special feeling to sign the very first painting of the year, – something i have just done now. It’s an oil on dark papyrus, – and the title is “A Minute to Sleep, A Minute to Dream”, it’s 31 x 41 cm (just the papyrus, without frame). As … Continued

Happy new year!

Sunday 3rd January 2016 Happy new year! The sale here at Dalalåven Art Studio has been a success, – I have sold 41 pictures in 4 days! But I still have lots left, so the sale is still going. You can also find it as an even on facebook, where I add new photos of … Continued