The county’s most sexy car?

Wednesday 14th April 2016 My car has been through a serious upgrade today, to match me a bit better! I am extremely happy with it myself, and I have to admit that even ater just a few hours I already love my car a lot more! The fab dsigners at Anunatak have made the design, while the … Continued

Market Day in Kristiansund

Tuesday 12th April 2016 On Saturday, – 16th April, – I will be having a stall at the Market Day in Kristiansund. This Market is an annual event in the spring which is only for local art, craft and food fromt he region Indre Nordmøre. I will mainly bring my art merchandise, as this is … Continued

Drawing of horse

Wednesday 6th April 2016 After having recently painted a dog and made a couple of drawings of owls, I have now just finished a pastel drawing of a horse. I never thought that would happen to be honest. This one is called “Secret Whispers”, it is 32×48 cm, and already sold to a customer in … Continued