Painting on old door

Tuesday 10.April 2018 I have just finished these paintings on an old door today. I would like to thank Morten Muus Falck for a fun and different commission! This door belongs in an old log cabin at the lake Rørvatnet. And I am really looking forward to seeing what it will look like when it is mounted … Continued

The book is finaly here!

Friday 6th April 2018 HOORRRAAAAYYY!!! My book finally arived today! I have to say it was a really special feeling to finally be able to hold a copy in my hand! There will be a book launch Tuesday 17th April at 17 at Rindal skimuseum. I have already put aside copies for all of you who … Continued

Book launch for “With palette and polkadots”

Tuesday 3.April 2018 There will be a book launch for “Inga Dalsegg – med palett og polkadotter” (Inga Dalsegg – with palette and polkadots) at Rindal skimuseum Tuesday 17. April at 17-19. I will have a lecture about my journey through grief and depression and the long and winding path back to life. This will be … Continued