Pumpkin season is over

Monday 31st October My life has been all about pumpkins every single day since 14th October, with carving pumpkins, travelling around the country with my pumpkin carving workshops, and carving pumpkins on national TV. There’s pictures and more about all that on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I finished the pumpkin carving season today with … Continued

Pumpkin season is here!

Saturday 15th October 2022 I have finished my first pumpkin carving of the year. It was hard to get decent photos as the motif goes around most of the pumpkin, so here is a video instead. As you can see (I hope) I have carved Queen Elizabeth II and one of her Corgi’s

BIG Art Sale

Sunday 9h October 2022 I am TIDYING my art studio, and thereby giving you the opportunity to make a really great autumnal art bargain! Here you will find everything from a whopping 30-70% discount on a number of original paintings, drawings and graphic prints! All the pictures are now available on my Facebook page with … Continued