New drawing of hands

Monday 31 August 2023 They stopped thinking with an almost painful relief, Stopped seeing; they only breathed and sought each other. – F. Scott Fitzgerald I have just finished this drawing, and this quote from Fitzgerald became the title. This is a pastel drawing on pastel mat sheet. Size 50 x 38 cm. It will … Continued

New paintings for the summer exhibition

Tuesday 27 June 2023 I am working hard towards this year’s Summer Exhibition with Ronald West here at DalalĂ„ven. 2 new paintings in very different styles and sizes have been completed recently, both of these are in the For Sale gallery

Art from South Africa

Wednesday 24 May 2023 Thanks to excellent support and sponsorship from the 150th anniversary of Rindal Sparebank, I have had the opportunity to invite an artist from all the way from South Africa as this year’s guest artist during the traditional Summer Exhibition here at DalalĂ„ven Atelier during KulturvĂžkku here in Rindal. I have to … Continued

Bath Nymphs

Wednesday 24th May 2023 I update way more regularly on Facebook than here, but here is my new lino print; Bath nymphs. I have made 20 small lino prints, size 16×21 cm. Some have light, cold colors, others dark, warm colors – so there is a bit of everything here. Price NOK 1 700 without … Continued

DalalÄven blir stengt en stund

Friday 7.April 2023 I am going to Switzerland for a major and much-anticipated operation on 10thApril, and will be 100% on sick leave for at least 3 weeks afterwards. Unfortunately, this means that DalalĂ„ven Atelier will be CLOSED for a while. Running your own company and having to close is far from ideal, but that’s … Continued