Cultural conference, Winter noise and Dream grant

Tuesday 1.March 2016

Some days are just a lot busier than others, and Wednesday 9th March will be one of those.
First I will be at The Cultural conference 2016 in Sunndalsøra, where I will talk about how my art helped me through the grief and depression after the murder of my twin sister Elin
You can see the Facebook event here
This looks like it will be a day not to be missed!
Kulturkonferansen 2016

After I will drive to Løkken to participate at Winter Noise in Meldal, – a cultural week with all sorts happening. There I will have a stall and sell my art and art metchandise at Ladies Evening in Meldalshallen. This is a fun evening for ladies of all ages, and the money from this event will go to The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association cancer fund.
This evening there will also be a mannequin show, entertainment, a lot of people will have stalls selling all sorts of goods, and there is food of course.
Check out their Facebook event here

My plan for Thursday 10th march is to do slightly less, as this Wednesday will be 19 hours of work.

Sunday 13th march I will drive to Trysil to once again sit in the National Art Jury for the Dream Grant (Drømmestipendet). This is a lot of work, but it is also very exciting, and i am looking forward to it! You can read more about that  Drømmestipendet here

Drømmestipendet 2016

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