Anniversary sale on art photos

Tuesday 20th February 2018

I have my 20th anniversary as an artist now in 2018. I figured that’s an excellent occasion to dust off the cobwebs and dig out some of my slightly different art.
I toured with an art exhibition with black and white photos in 2001. They were a story of love, I combined photos with poetry and quotes, and was both model and photographer.
All of the photos are 51x76cm.
There is only one of each photo, and still have 36 of these originals.
I am now selling them!
None of these are framed, only stuck on foamboard. But I am happy to arrange framing if you would like that. Many of these also have a poem or quote that belongs with them.
Price per photo is 2 500 Norwegian kroner (+ postage and/or framing)

If you are interested you will find more of these in the photo gallery here 

Unfortunately the quality of the pictures of the photos isn’t perfect, as none of these are digital photos, so I have now just had to try to get half decent pictures of very shiny photos. Here’s a little taste

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