Art auction

27th July 2012

On Saturday 4th August at 14.00 there’s an art auction at Igltjønna in Rindal. I am one of 12 artists who have donated a piece of art for this auction. The money raised will go to Rindal Museum.

The other artists are; Elling Reitan, Grethe By Rise, Kristian Finborud, Morten W. Gjul, Grethe Solemsløkk, Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold, Elin Rindahl Steiro, Rolf Øidvin, Tanja Vean, Solvor Leistad and Olaug Storløkken.

The picture I have donated is this pastel drawing;

apple 1-web Apple

I am very excited about this, hope to see lots of people there!

You can read more about the auction and see the other picturesin the catalogue which you’ll find here

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