Artist Talk in Molde

13.April 2014

I will be presenting my art at an Artist Talk on Saturday 26th April at 1pm in Plassen in Molde.
This Artist Talk is hosted by Møre og Romsdal Art Centre.
Using my art I will take you on an emotional tour through grief, deaspair, depression, – and the battle back to life.

On 31st October 1996 my twin sister Elin, and Elin’s boyfriend Jin, was shot and killed in Ålesund. This was a life changing event for me. One half of me was gone forever and ever. I can never love anyone like I loved Elin, and no one will ever love me like Elin did.
My art saved me.
It is vital to talk about tragedy, grief and death – life is unfortunately not just comfortable and nice. I have always wanted to do what other people have described as “difficult” and “impossible” – if you use stubborness constructively it can give the energy and power to get through difficult times.
I think I can guarantee you all a powerful story and powerful pictures this Saturday

Everybody is welcome! So if you are in Molde or nearby, I hope to see you there!

You can read more on Møre og Romsdal Art Centre’s web site

“Elin & Jin 31.10.1996/United in Death”. painted i 1997-98 “Breaking all Boundaries” painted in 2013

elin  jin-web breaking all boundaries-web

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