New painting in different colours

8thApril 2010 Here’s my newest painting, – the colours are different from what I usually do, – black and white mixed with shades of brown. It’s called “First Steps” and if you want to see it full size click on the Hands and Feet gallery.

From Måløy to New York

1st April 2010 On the 15th May I open a solo exhibition with Måløy Art Asssociation in Vågsøy at Kraftstasjonen. The exhibition will hang during most of the summer, I will post more information about this later. In october my paintings and me are off to Tingvoll, as I am having a solo exhibition with … Continued

Wall painting

26th March 2010 Here’s my most recent wall painting, it’s on a door. You’ll find two pictures of it, in a larger format in the Commissions gallery

Childrens portrait

3rd March 2010 I have just finished another childrens portrait, you can view it full size in the Portrait gallery, Selma;

New painting

27th February 2010 Here’s my newest painting: Comfort, – you can see it in the Couples gallery;

The delivery of Power

26th February 2010 Here’s a photo of me and Mr Raza Sakhi – principal Solicitor – Advocate (All Higher Courts) and the boss of Sakhi Solicitors – from when I handed over the painting Power. The painting is now hanging in one of their consultation rooms;

Commission for Sakhi Solicitors

16th february 2010 I am going to England on Thursday to deliver the oil painting “Power” to Sakhi Solicitors in Leicester. They are a young and modern firm who specialices in criminal law. Sakhi Solicitors are considering commissioning several paintings from me, so I will have to spend some time looking at their offices while … Continued

Nude in black and white

3rd February 2010 It looks like 2010 will be a very productive year, here’s another new painting! I have put this one in the Nudes gallery for all of those who wants to see it full size; Nude

New Painting

29th January 2010 I will be having a solo exhibition with Tingvoll Art Association 16th October-17th November 2010, but that’s still a long way away, and I am sure a lot will happen before then. I have finished another painting, you can see it in full size in the Hands and Feet gallery Power

First new pictures of the year

19th January 2010 I have now finished the first painting of 2010, I have also done a few commissions. The oil painting Drifting Thoughts, – which you can now see in the Nudes gallery: and the two commissions, – which you can find in the galleries Portraits and Couples. portrait of Guri and Geir and … Continued

And even more new portraits before Christmas

18th December 2009 I have received a lot of commissions for portrait drawings in the months before Christmas this year. here you can see 2 new ones I’ve added to the portrait gallery today, – where you can see them in a larger size; Emil Emil S.

New drawings

25th November 2009 I have added some new drawings today, you will find them in the Portrait and Couples gallery, so take a look! A few examples: Mathias Maia Adam Leon & Linn

Christmas exhibition

20th November 2009 I am participating in a Christmas exhibition at Galleri Tallulah in Orkanger, Norway. This is a collective exhibition where I am exhibiting together with 2 other artists: Grethe S. Solemsløkk and Rita Lie. The opening is Saturday 28th November at 4pm, and the exhibition will hang untill the 23rd December. You can … Continued

Portrait for Christmas?

15th November 2009 Christmas is just around the corner, and a lot of people have started their Christmas shopping. If you are one of those who have thought about giving a portrait to someone special for Christmas you should get in touch with me now! 🙂 Portaits of children, grandchildren, a partner or another loved … Continued

Hectic but fun

10th November 2009 There was a total of 25 950 guests visiting Oslo Art Fair during those 3 days the fair lasted, – no wonder this is the most visited art exhibition in Norway! I am pleased after these hectic and long days, – it was exciting and fun to meet so many other artists … Continued

A lot of visitors

8th November 2009 Yesterday, – Saturday,- we had 10 653 visitors here at Oslo Art fair, – so it’s been a busy weekend! Today is the last day of the fair, – so everybody who has been thinking about coming here, – today is your last chance!

Oslo Art Fair

7th November 2009 I am at Oslo Art Fair now, you can find me and my art at stand D07-14. There are so many different artists here, so there’s a lot to see, and it’s exciting to be here. Yesterday, – Friday, there was 5 999 visitors here at the fair! Below you can see … Continued

Oslo Art Fair

1st November 2009 6th-8th November I have a stand at Oslo Art Fair by Lillestrøm Station, – so please come and visit my stand there! On Friday the 6th of November at 6pm I will take part in the Art Duel, we will be painting on stage while the audiense is watching, and do not … Continued

Time to Live

Friday 30th October my painting Time to Live was unveiled at the Town Hall in Rindal, this painting is a commission from Rindal Council. The Lord Mayor John Ole Aspli and myself

New gallery

28th October 2009I have now added a new gallery to this web site, it’s called Photos, – so take a look! The pictures are a series of black and white photos I exhibited in several galleries around the Norway in 2001. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the ones I sold, as these … Continued

Ready for exhibitions

26th September 2009 Here are two new pictures, an oil painting and a pastel drawing – so now everything is ready for the opening nights of the two separate exhibitions on the 2nd October! Inga is opening her solo exhibition in Galleri Maerz in Molde FRiday 2nd October at 6 pm, this exhibition will hang … Continued

New paintings

18th September 2009 Inga is currently working hard towards her exhibitions in Molde and Oppdal in October, and the Oslo Art fair in November. Here are 3 new paintings which were finished this weekn, – to see them in full size look in the “nudes” and “hands and feet” galleries. Reaching Shadows Nude Landscape III

The nude painting of Tiger is finished

6th September 2009: Inga returned to room 239 at Hotel Alexandra in Molde to finish the wall painting this weekend, you can see the finished painting below The finished painting Hotel director Børre Tangen and Inga

Exhibition in Molde

Inga is having a solo exhibition at Galleri Maerz Contemporary in Molde 2nd-24th of Oktober 2009. See more about the gallery here

Painting nude in hotel room

31. August 2009: Inga has been in the media a lot these last days after she painted author Tiger Garté naked on the wall of his hotel room, 239, at Quality Hotel Alexandra in Molde. You can see more about this by following the links under Reviews

Rindal Council

Inga is currently working on a commission for Rindal council. The finished painting will hang at the town hall.

Oppdal and Oslo

Inga is one of the artist exhibiting at the collective exhibition “7 gode naboer” (7 good neighbours) at Oppdal Culture house 2nd-11th October 2009 She will also exhibit at Oslo Art Fair 2009,- 6th-8th November 2009, you can read more about that event here:

Inga inviterer

Lørdag 27. juni markerer Inga Dalsegg sitt 11-års jubileum som kunstner med utstillingen «Inga inviterer» på Saga Trollheimen Hotel i Rindal kommune. Med i utstillingen er også verker av kunstneren Elling Reitan fra Trondheim. Den 27. juni 1998 åpnet Inga Dalsegg sin første kunstutstilling i den lille bygda Rindal på Nordmøre. Utstillingen het Alive, og … Continued

Salgsutstilling i Øvre Sunndal

16.–19. juli har Inga salgsutstilling i Øvre Sunndal, i Nasjonalparksenteret under Gjæra Gjøra festivalen 2009. Åpning torsdag 16. Juni Kl. 19.00 ved Sunndal Nasjonalparksenter i Sagtrøa. Se programmet her:

Stort maleri for Svorka Energi

Inga jobber for tiden med et stort maleri for Svorka Energi . Dette skal henge i inngangspartiet i deres nye bygg i Surnadal som åpnes i begynnelsen av juni 2009.

Sunndal Kulturfestival

I sommer skal Inga delta på Sunndal Kulturfestival, – fredag 19. Juni kl 18.30 blir det nemlig ”Kunstbad” på Sunndal Kulturhus der Inga vil bli intervjuet om sin kunst, se programmet her:

The Tallinn Winter Exhibition

Inga har fått antatt et maleri på en internasjonal juryert kunstutstilling i Tallinn i Estland, utstillingen heter ”The Tallinn Winter Exhibition” og er på Tam Gallery i Tallinn fra 7.-27. November 2008. Maleriet hun fikk antatt heter ”Together” Bildet ser dere under: {gallery}bildegallerier/nyhet_tallinn{/gallery} I tillegg skal Inga delta på en kunstutstilling i Galleri Gabrichidze i … Continued