Autumn Market at my art studio

Monday 17th August

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September I am turning my art studio Dalalåven Atelier and the outside area in to a market for viking jewellery, local crafts, local farm food, art and art merchandise
Saturday 11-17
Sunday 12-16
Midgard Viking Replicas is an Norwegian silversmith based in Oppdal. The product range specializes in making as realistic replicas as possible of Norwegian and Scandinavian finds from Viking times.
Vorpå Røkeri specializes in fish, they smoke salmon the “old fashioned way” and also have many other types of fish. The raw materials are of course of the highest quality.
Holum Gård sells beautifully decorated sheep skin, yarn and many other products from their own sheep
Kirsten Solem sells the products of Lanullva. Lanullva is famed for their knitwear of high quality, in 100% pure merino wool and of Norwegian design. The popular garments provide warmth and comfort for young and old
Gårdsslakteriet Sylte As sells more or less all meat products that can be made from their own pigs. Salami sausage, smoked ham, Pork mince, burgers, Chili sausage, Chops, Bratwurst, Bacon and Pulled pork.

Inside at Dalalåven you will naturally find both an art exhibition with my original paintings and drawings and a shop department with a wide range of art merchandise in limited edition.

Brubekken Gardsmeieri who processes milk and meat from their own cows and goats. They make brown and white cheese, sour cream, butter, pultost and gammelost. Fresh meat and cured meat.
Bæstes Bakeri As collaborates with Brubakken gardsmeieri, which delivers sour cream and brown cheese to the bakery. Bæstes bakery bakes traditional thin lefse, coffee lefser and potato lefse.

Gardsbakeriet Hæmstelt with their popular and tasty breads and buns

We naturally comply with all national guidelines in relation to the corona pandemic both outside and inside.

Make a note of the dates and come visit us!


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