Birthday calender

Thursday 11h January 2018

I have spent the day at the printers in Trondheim today, starting the printing of a new product. When you run your own small business it’s always nice to get the opportunity to work togeher with someone else. I have been wanting to create something with my friend the author Gunn Marit Nisja for a long time, and now it’s finally happened!
We have made a birthday calendar, with my paintings and her text/words of wisdom. It can be handy to find the birthdays of your loved ones somewhere else than just on Facebok!
This is a product that never goes out of date, it lasts forever,  so you can enjoy it year after year.
It measures 21 x 21 cm, and I will have it in stock at some point next week. You can buy it directly from my art studio, here in my web shop, or from Gunn Marit Nisja. The price is only 155 Norwegian kroner. So a perfect little present for a friend, or just for yourself!

The front page of our birthday calendar
Every page has one of my paintings and some words of wisdom written by Gunn Marit Nisja
At the printers in Trondheim looking at different paper qualities and the colours
The back side of the birthdaycalendar
Me with a test print of the birthday calendar

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