Brand new commission

Monday 17th October 2016

I just finishd yet another painting on commission today.
This painting has taken time, a lot of time. From the very first discussions last spring, via all of my initial ideas, then sketches, and so this.
I do not believe I have previously ever had such Ā regular contact with a customer during the process of a painting.
Colours, meanings,thoughts, feelings, atmospheres and symbolism have been discussed, evaluated, felt and left to sleep on. And Ihave certainly never photographed a painting so much before it is finished, – but as the custiomer lives far away that was the best solution this time.
We made it though and it feels lovely to know that I have made someone very happy and excited about getting this particular painting up on their wall!

The painting is oil on canvas, it isĀ 80×64 cm, and I have called it “Depart the Earth and Kiss the Sky”

If you are interested in getting a special painting mde just for you lease do not hesitate to get in touch for a cht about the possibilities!