Brand new Inga merchandise

23.October 2014

The parcels containing the trays and coasters with my paintings ont hem finally arrived today! So I finally have Inga-trays and -coasters in stock!
These will be added to the order form her eon my web site ASAP. But untill then, please just contact me and I will take your order and sort it out straight away.

The tray is 36×28 cm, the coasters 9x9cm, they have 4 different motifs.
I am very happy to get to cooperate with Åry Trays as this is a company renowned for thei high quality products, – as an example; they make these products for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Their products are all individually hand made from single sheets of finest birch wood, with no joints, so providing a high quality finish and longevity of use. All their trays and coasters are dishwasher proof. Åry Trays are also ecologically friendly.
The prices are:
Nkr 150 for a set of 4 coasters
Nkr 250 for a tray
Nkr 350 for parcel with 1 tray + 4 coasters


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