Busy days with lots of commissions

Thursday 1.October 2015

I have painted a lot on papyrus lately, – as the demand is high. I have also made a lot of drawings and paintings on commission, – some of these I am not allowed to publish here until a set date. Others I have agreed to not publish publicly at all.
The sheer amount of commissions lately have led to me constantly be working on 2-4 pictures at any one time, – both paintings and drawings.
Here you can see my most recent paintings on papyrus, – both of these are still for sale. To the left you can see “Unconditional Love II” and to the right “Time for Reflection”
As usual you will find the paintings in their galleries if you would like to see them in a larger format.
Time for Reflection

Unconditional Love II











I am currently working on one painting on canvas, one on papyrus and one drawing. The papyrus and drawing are both commissioned pieces.
In addition to this I am preparing for my pumpkin carving workshop here at my art studio and planning towards the Christmas Fairs, – so there’s plenty to do!

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