Commission of hands

30.April 2018

I have finally finished this painting now! It is 58 x65 cm and is painted on commission.
This commisson started with me being sent a few photos, I asked if it was possible for me to meet “the models” and take my own photos which i could work from. Which was no problem, and quickly organised. I have to say it made this project even more fun and personal.
The models are in their late 90s, and as they said “hadn’t really done any modelling before!” but they rose to the challenge even though they didn’t even know anything about this, – and we trulyhad a blast!
Later, they came here to visit me at may art studio and watched me working on it.
I am usually not lost for words, but I really didn’t know what to say when he looked down on his hand, then looked up at the painting I was working on, and then looked down on his hand again and said he thought the painting almost looked more real than the real thing. Just thinking about that still makesme happy!
Now it’s off to the framers, and I hope that both the couple who are buying it, and the lovely models will like the finished piece!
I also really love this frame, and think it suited this painting. I have lots of different frame samples and am happy to help you find the perfect one


the painting with frame

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