Cultural conference 2016

Tuesday 26.January 2016

I will be participating at the Cultural Conference 2016 in Sunndal. I will tell my story about how the murder of my twin sister affected both my life and my art. “The art of living” is the 5th Cultural conference arranged by Sunndal council. It is in the 9th March at Sunndal Cultural House.
Jan Vincents Johannessen and Dagfinn and Mona Enerly is also participating, so I belive this will be a very exciting day.
As it says on thei web site “The subject this year is vast and exciting, and it should affect all of us. Facts and science, arts and sports. We are giving you powerful stories from real life, a lot of knowledge and great cultural events. This could easily be the best cultural conference so far. Welcome
Se more about the conference and join here
They also have a facebook event here
Kulturkonferansen 2016

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