Midsummer feast with unveiling of a toilet-door-painting!

Sunday 24th June 2018

I do love a bit of crazy madness, so it’s usually pretty easy to get me to join in on weird ideas and prosjects. So when several crazy people get together a painting on commission can suddenly turn into a big outdoor party with the unveiling of a toilet-door, an entire pig roasted over a bath tub and people swimming in a freezing cold lake
I love unusual commissions, so when Morten Muus Falck asked me to paint the door of the toilet at his cabin in the mountains i thought it was a brilliant idea! I had to get a ride with a snowmobile to get there and look at the door before I said yes though.
The challenge was to paint something that fitted into this very old national romantic cabin with several old door paintings, – but still be my art and in my style
He was so happy with the paintings that he wanted “everyone” to see them, so we agreed on having an unveiling, it started small, but then we got the Lord Mayor to come and do the formal stuff, some musicians to play and all that, – it was an unforgettable midsummer feast!

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