drawing workshop

Friday 19th March 2021

I have had a drawing workshop at the School in Flatanger today. As both Rindal and Flatanger have no Covid-19 this was possible. I really enjoy having workshops around the country like this. It’s fun to meet new people and to get the opportunity to spread some creativity and artistic joy.
The bunch I met today was great fun, they were so positive and bubbly, loads of creative ideas and fully focused all the way.
We have been drawing portraits, animals and landscapes, been testing out pencil, pen and pastels. A really jam packed afternoon and evening.
I have to say I am impressed that these kids chose to spend all of 5 hours after school on a Friday at a workshop! And they barely wanted a break to eat, as they said they’d rather continue working on their pictures!
They made a lot of brilliant art, so I think a lot of people in Flatanger will be shopping for frames the next few days!
I had a great day -and would love to come back!

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