First painting of the year in 2023

Friday 6th January 2023

It’s always a special feeling to sign my first panting of the year – and to remember to sign with the correct year!
I have to admit I am working on a few too many projects at the same time right now, but this painting on Egyptian papyrus was the first I actualy finished in 2023. It is still so wet that it is impossible to get a good photo, so I will try again for that next week.
As always, this painting can be yours! It measures approximately 42 x 65 cm, (there are no perfect 90 degree angles on a sheet of papyrus, so my measurements are slightly approximate).
It is an oil painting on papyrus and will be framed with non-reflective art glass (whih will make it slightly larger due to the frame). Price fully framed with non-reflective artificial glass 15 500Norwegian kroner.
If no buyers come forward fairly quickly I will rent it out to the fantastic Michelin restaurant Fagn in Trondheim, as they already have quite a few of my other paintings on the walls there
Oil painting on Egyptian papyrus. 42×65 cm + frame. 15 500 Norwegian kroner
Framed with non-reflective art glass