First painting workshop of the year

Sunday 16th February 2020

Thank you so much to the fun and creative gang who has spent their weekend here with me at my art studio Dalalåven these last few days! I really love that the finished pieces show such variety in motif, style and technique.
A weekend like this is truly intense for me, – but at the same time it’s rewarding. I believe and hope that both myself anf all of the participants have had a fun weekend!
Also it’s great that so many have asked when I’ll be hosting my next painting class!
Here are a few photos of both the artists and their masterpieces!
The local paper Trollheimsporten visited us. It’s so lovely reading what some of the participants said:

“Sigrid Bråten believes a lot of people would like to try painting, but they might not feel brave enough to try. There is really nothing to worry about she sais, so she heartily recommends Inga’s art classes to anyone who would like to try painting or drawing.
Kjell Bæverfjord has been at one of Inga’s workshops previously. he lives near Oslo, but is happy to drive the 8 hours to Rindal for a weekend art class with Inga.
There are plenty of art classes where I live, – but there is only one Inga. That is the main reason for me coming all this way he says with a smile.
This is educational, fun and social as well. An amazing atmosphere at her art classes in my opinion”
You can read the entire  article here


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