Fun pumpkin lanterns

10.October 2014

Do you want to learn how to carve cool pumpkin lanterns

for Halloween?

Welcome to a pumpkin carving workshop at Ingas art studio; Dalalåven Atelier!


Some extra info:

Avoid buying a pumpkin that is partly green og very light yellow, they are not ripe, so they are very hard and difficult to carve.
carving a pumpkin lantern takes time.
Gutting the pumpkin is way more boring than carving it!
So if you have a limited amount of time, and/or the one who will be carving is of the impatient type I’d recommend gutting the pumpkin at home before you arrive!

Remember that it is way more fun to carve the pumpkin than it is to gut it!

Instructions for gutting you pumkin at home:
Draw a lid on top of your pumpkin, cut it out, remember that the lid needs an edge to rest on, so do not carve straight down! Carve at an angle.
Remove all seeds and strings, and scrape the inside of the pumpkin using an ice cream scoop or a spoon.
Pay particular attention to the wall you are going to be carving. Make sure it is no more than 3cm thick.

I do have some extra pumpkin carving knifes, but depending on how many people who show up I cannot guarantee enough equipment for everyone. So I recommend bringing a small sharp knife.

For the eager ones; The hobby shop Panduro sell pumpkin carving sets for only Nkr 39,- See here

The workshop starts at 15.00 – but you can come later, it doesn’t matter if some people arrive as others are leaving. I will be helping everybody individually, and people carve at different speeds anyway.

You pay on arrival, by cash or card

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