Friday 19th June 2020

I hardly ever get angry and I am absolutely not one to bear a grudge.
Recently I was in a situation where I almost felt the smoke coming out of my ears, I honestly felt the need to shake an adult.
This person was immature, annoying, moaning and bearing a grudge over something they should have been done with absolutely ages ago.
As a sensible adult, you don’t pick someone up by their neck and shake them though, and even though I wanted to shout and ask them to get a grip and rather look forward instead of moaning about the past I didn’t do that either.
Instead I went to my art studio and drew a sketch for a new painting. This is the result.
I hope you can see some of the frustration and the scream that was building up inside of me.
The painting is 35 x45 cm, it is oil on canvas, the price is 8 900,- Norwegian kroner, and the title is simply “Fury”

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