Galleria Art Festival

7th July 2011

I will be taking part in the Art Festival Galleria in Mosjøen in Norway this year, Galleria is in the period 9th-16th July.

I am really looking forward to this, Galleria calls themselves Norways longest art gallery, and this year the festival looks like it will be bigger than ever before. The famous artists Inger Sitter is one of the participants.

Galleria is more than just an art exhibition though, it is also a cultural festival with a lot of variety; conserts both indoors and outdoors, seminars, theater, performance, live graffitti painting, and a separate film festival. Last year they made the worlds longest print, and they will be trying for a new world record this year too.

I will be there myself this weekend, but my paintings will of course be there during the entire festival.

As I am bringing some of my artwork to Galleria I have made some changes to my exhibition in Surnadal. Some of the paintings that were there earlier will now be on display in Mosjøen, and I have replaced them with other paintings. So if you are not going to Galleria Art Festival you can still see some of my work in Surnadal.

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