Group exhibition at Dalalåven Art Studio

18th May 2016

In July the artist Elin Rindahl Steiro wil come to Rindal to have a group exhibition with me.
Last summer was the first time I invited other artists to exhibit alongside me here at my art studio. As it was a success I naturally have to follow up on that. The exhibition will be held during the Rindal Cultural Week.
Elin is an artist with a large variety both when it comes to motifs and techniques as you can see from the pictures here. She works with water colour, collography, drawing, and oil painting. I believe this years Summer Exhibition truly will have something for everyones taste!
Te opening is Saturday 2nd July at 13:00, and the last day of the exhibition is Sunday 10th July.
So make a note of the dates and come to Rindal!

akvarell av Elin R.Steiroakvarel på sandpapir av Elin R.Steiro akvarell av Elin R.Steirocollografi av Elin R.Steiro

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