Guests from Texas

Thursday 22nd June 2017
I have had a group of 12 people from Texas visiting me this week, Professor Don Huebner from Texas State University with his students. They had travelled around both Iceland and the big cities of Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim) before they came to my art studio here in Rindal. I always appreciate groups visiting me, and I have to admit it is something extra special about the visit when people travel so far to come here.

The guests from Texas tasting local craft beer at my art studio DalalÄven

The guests from the States spent 3 days here in Rindal. And thanks to local team work they got to see a lot more than just my art. They went on a troll hike in the mountains called Trollheimen (the home of the trolls), where they were served an entire menu of troll food prepared over bon fire. They also got to swim in nature’s own water park, and were entertained by song and troll stories. All of this thanks to GĂžran Bolme from iTrollheimen and Britt Grete Moen from Furkunnjmat.Naturally they got to spend some time at my art studio hearing about my work while they were served a local craft beer. This was combined with a press conference so they were interviewed by all of 4 newspapers! They also had a guided tour at Rindal Ski Museum (which was nominated for The European Museum of the Year in 2017), and the photographer Morten GĂ„svand showed them photos both of the trolls in the pine forest and from his many travels.

I really appreciate being able to work with local firms and people to be able to offer something extra to tourists visiting Rindal. If something like this could be of interest to you please get in touch!

Me with some of the students from Texas
Professor Don Huebner from Texas State University with me at my art studio
our camp on the troll hike in Trollheimen. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a bon fire eating warm food after swimming in cold mountain water
Swimming in Nature’s own water park
GĂžran Bolme from iTrollheimen and Britt Grete Moen from Furkunnjmat gave the guests from Texas an unforgettable day in the mountains