Huldra in the troll forest

Thursday 27th february 2020

A few months ago I was bored stiff at a meeting, it was completely useless and it truly felt as a waste of time. I ended up daydreaming while I was scribbling and filling up my note book. naturally I filled it with small sketches instead of actual notes.
The day was boring, but I did get something out of it; the idea of this painting was born, sketched roughly with pen on lined paper.
Today I have finished it, and this playful version of Huldra (a Norwegian forest spirit) can now enjoy her life in this magical troll forest.
This is a oil painting on canvas, it measures 30 x 65 cm, – and it can be yours, the price is 13 500,- Norwegian kroner  $1 440 / € 1 323 / £ 1 112 + postage)
I have not come up with a title as yet, so feel free to come with suggestions! I’ve painted Hudra before, but I feel this version here has a completely different personality to the others

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