Inga on NRK radio

9.February 2014

Today you can hear me being interviewed on radio, on NRK P1, the program is called “Between heaven and earth” (Mellom himmel og jord).
I am talking about the special bond between twins. The program is broadcast at 10.00-11.00.
NRK came to see me Wednesday 5th february to do the interview.
The reason why they got in touch was the recent debate about foster reduction, which is why I am talking about the special bonds between twins.
So if you’re interesetd in hearing, tune in at 10.00-11.00.
On their facebook page the radio show writes:
“Everyone should have a twin! Inga was born a twin and grew up in plural. She has now lived without her twin sister Elin for many years. NRK P1, Sunday at 10am.”
See that here

If you did not get to hear this interview, it is not too late, you can hear it on NRK’s web site here
This link takes you straight to my part in the program, there is also an option top hear the entire show.

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