Jack O’ Lanterns

27.October 2014

The big Pumpkin lantern carving day is just around the corner, I have to admit I am really excited and can hardly wait! I love carving pumpkin lanterns, so I think it is just brilliant that so many people want to come and learn this.
Here’s one I carved yesterday, just to give you an idea of what’s to come

I would like to remind you all to
-Bring an apron, to avoid getting your clothes all messy
– Remember it will ave a lot of time if you hollow out your pumkin before you arrive
– I don’t have enough pumpkin knives for everyone, so please bring a small sharp knife
– It does start at 3pm, but you’re allowed to arrive later
– When you hollow out your pumokin at home, draw a lid on top, but reme,ber that the lid will need an edge to rest on, so DO NOT cut straight down! Hold your knife in an angle towards the middle instead.

Welcome to Pumpkin carving at Inga’s art studio!

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