Orkdal Christmas Fair 2014

30.November 2014

It has been a busy weekend, and Orkdal Christmas Fair 2014 is now over. It has been intense, exciting, busy and fun.
Thank you to all of you who stopped by my stall and shopped, said hello and chatted, – I have met so many nice people this weekend!
Øistein Kristiansen, the cartoonist from tv, had a fab show at the fair this year too. Santa himself was also there.
I had both paintings, drawings and lots of Inga-merchandise at my stall.
If you don’t have the opprotunity to visit me at my art studio or one of the Fairs before Christmas please do not forget that you can still use the Order Form her on my web site to order any merchandise you would like.
Here’s a few photos from the weekend

Art and Inga-merchandise at my stall
Øistein Kristiansen stopped by for a chat
Santa visited me on my stall too!

Rindal Christmas Fair 2014

6.November 2014

I will be having a stall at the Rindal Christmas Fair this weekend, – 8th-9th November.
This annual Christmas Fair is always a huge success with lots of visitors. This year there’s all of 60 different stalls there. You really can find all of your Christmas presents at this fair!
I highly recommend taking a trip if you can.
The opening hours are Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12-5pm

I will be selling both my art and all of the Inga merchandise!
Remember it’s Fathers Day on Sunday, and if you are looking for ideas for a present I have suitable both cards and presents

You can read more about the Rindal Christmas Fair in the newspaper Driva here

I will also be at the Orkdal Christmas Fair this year, on the 29th-30th November


Packed at Pumpkin carving workshop!

30.October 2014
Wow what a day yesterday ended up being!!
So many people showed up, there wasn’t room for any more, and the result was 35 pumpkin lanterns.
Several journalists also showed up, including the tv-channel TV2. The result was sent on the National Breakfast-tv show “God Morgen Norge” this morning. This is the 3rd year in a row I am on that tv-program with my pumpkin carvings. Only difference is that it was filmed at my art studio this year instead of live from tv-studio.
You can see links to articles with lots of photos from Driva and Trollheimsporten underneath the photos, naturally all links like that are also to be found under Reviews as usual.
A lot of people have already asked me if I will hold another workshop next year, and/or make it an annual tradition!
Here’s a few photos from yesterday:


One of my pumpkins, Pennywise the clown from the movie “It”

Some have started on their pumpkins, others are planning.
TV2 was there for several hours and filmed


Preparations are important


Ready to start carving

5 gresskar

A few of the many pumpkins carved yesterday

Anne Karin

Anne Karin had travelled all the way from Kristiansund to learn how to make pumpkin lanterns!

Article with photos in Driva here
and on Trollheimsporten here

Jack O’ Lanterns

27.October 2014

The big Pumpkin lantern carving day is just around the corner, I have to admit I am really excited and can hardly wait! I love carving pumpkin lanterns, so I think it is just brilliant that so many people want to come and learn this.
Here’s one I carved yesterday, just to give you an idea of what’s to come

I would like to remind you all to
-Bring an apron, to avoid getting your clothes all messy
– Remember it will ave a lot of time if you hollow out your pumkin before you arrive
– I don’t have enough pumpkin knives for everyone, so please bring a small sharp knife
– It does start at 3pm, but you’re allowed to arrive later
– When you hollow out your pumokin at home, draw a lid on top, but reme,ber that the lid will need an edge to rest on, so DO NOT cut straight down! Hold your knife in an angle towards the middle instead.

Welcome to Pumpkin carving at Inga’s art studio!

The times of day

25. October 2014
I have now finished all four paintings in the series with the times of day.
Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night.
They are each 32x42cm, and are framed individually.

You can find photos of all four paintings in the album Emotions and feelings

Brand new Inga merchandise

23.October 2014

The parcels containing the trays and coasters with my paintings ont hem finally arrived today! So I finally have Inga-trays and -coasters in stock!
These will be added to the order form her eon my web site ASAP. But untill then, please just contact me and I will take your order and sort it out straight away.

The tray is 36×28 cm, the coasters 9x9cm, they have 4 different motifs.
I am very happy to get to cooperate with Åry Trays as this is a company renowned for thei high quality products, – as an example; they make these products for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Their products are all individually hand made from single sheets of finest birch wood, with no joints, so providing a high quality finish and longevity of use. All their trays and coasters are dishwasher proof. Åry Trays are also ecologically friendly.
The prices are:
Nkr 150 for a set of 4 coasters
Nkr 250 for a tray
Nkr 350 for parcel with 1 tray + 4 coasters


Fun pumpkin lanterns

10.October 2014

Do you want to learn how to carve cool pumpkin lanterns

for Halloween?

Welcome to a pumpkin carving workshop at Ingas art studio; Dalalåven Atelier!


Some extra info:

Avoid buying a pumpkin that is partly green og very light yellow, they are not ripe, so they are very hard and difficult to carve.
carving a pumpkin lantern takes time.
Gutting the pumpkin is way more boring than carving it!
So if you have a limited amount of time, and/or the one who will be carving is of the impatient type I’d recommend gutting the pumpkin at home before you arrive!

Remember that it is way more fun to carve the pumpkin than it is to gut it!

Instructions for gutting you pumkin at home:
Draw a lid on top of your pumpkin, cut it out, remember that the lid needs an edge to rest on, so do not carve straight down! Carve at an angle.
Remove all seeds and strings, and scrape the inside of the pumpkin using an ice cream scoop or a spoon.
Pay particular attention to the wall you are going to be carving. Make sure it is no more than 3cm thick.

I do have some extra pumpkin carving knifes, but depending on how many people who show up I cannot guarantee enough equipment for everyone. So I recommend bringing a small sharp knife.

For the eager ones; The hobby shop Panduro sell pumpkin carving sets for only Nkr 39,- See here

The workshop starts at 15.00 – but you can come later, it doesn’t matter if some people arrive as others are leaving. I will be helping everybody individually, and people carve at different speeds anyway.

You pay on arrival, by cash or card

3 new paintings

4.October 2014

Here’s my most recent paintings, 2 painted on papyrus and one on canvas.
The first one is a small papyrus painting called “New Friendship”, it’s 34x24cm.


The second one is the first painting in a series of 4. It’s called “Night” and it’s 32x42cm. I am currently painting on “Evening”, and have started on the sketches for “Day” and “Morning”.

This last one is painted on canvas, is called “Labyrinth of Thoughts” and is 63x77cm


ou can find all of these in a larger format in their respective galleries.

Christmas fairs

3.October 2014

Some of you have probably started thinking about Christmas presents already, – well for the ones of you who haven’t started buying presents quite yet;

I’ll be having a stall at the local Christmas Fair “Rindalsmessa” 8th-9th November, and at the big Christmas Fair “Orkdalsmessa” 29th-30th November.
Rindalsmessa is held here in Rindal, and Orkdalsmessa is in Orkanger. Both of these Christmas Fairs are well known for their high standards when it comes to quality and variety, – you can really do all your Christmas shopping there, – and there is so much to see!

On my stall I will have both my Inga Merchandise and my art, and hopefully my new trays and coasters will have arrived by then!
Orkdalsmessa has it’s own web site and Facebook page where you can follow all the preparations.
Here’s a photo of me from the Christmas Fair last year, I was lucky enough to get to meet Father Christmas! πŸ™‚

Inga og nissen

New Inga-merchandise

23.september 2014

I just received some samples of brand new Inga-merchandise in the post today, and have to admit I was very excited when I opened the parcel!
The new merchandise are trays and coasters, and they are all made by Åry Trays AB in Sweden.
The tray is 36×28 cm and the coasters have 4 different motifs.

I am very happy to get to cooperate with Åry Trays as this is a company renowned for thei high quality products, – as an example; they make these products for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Their products are all individually hand made from single sheets of finest birch wood, with no joints, so providing a high quality finish and longevity of use. All their trays and coasters are dishwasher proof. Åry Trays are also ecologically friendly
Naturally it will take some time before I have my collection in stock, but it should all be here in about a month. As usual my merchandise can be bought by visiting me in my art studio Dalalåven Atelier. Or by using the order form here on my web site.
I hope these trays and coasters will be wrapped nicely up under lots of Christmas trees this year!

Opening times at my art studio

10th September 2014
As I have mentioned here earlier I currently have an art exhibition in Sweden, the final day is 12th October. All of my art is currently there, so the walls in my art studio are very empty at the moment. Due to this I will only be open upon request untill my paintings return from Sweden.
If you are interested in purchasing any of my merchandise, – like candles, calendars or cards, – please do not hesitate to contact me.
From mid-October untill Christmas my art studio will be open both some evenings mid-week and in the daytime on most weekends.

I also have some good news, the collection of Inga-candles is still growing. 5 new motifs are now being made, these will be available for sale in my studio very soon, and naturally they will also be added to the order form online here.
In total there is now 14 motifs, – and most of these are available in 2 sized.
Here’s the poster where you can see them all;

Opening of first exhibition in Sweden

8.September 2014

I opened my very first art exhibition in Sweden on Saturday 6th September. I have just returned from my trip over there now.
The exhibition is at Gallery Abu Art in Dals Långed, and the final day is on the 12th October.

Here’s some pictures;

bildehenging Abu2
Inga-Ivar Inga-AbuArt

Gallery Abu Art also sells my Art Calendars, Art Candles and Art Cards, – which is something i greatly appreciate.
If you would like some more information on the gallery and their opening times, have a look at their web site or their Facebook page here

Exhibition in Sweden

27.August 2014
I will be opening my very first art exhibition in Sweden on Saturday 6th September. So next week I will be packing all of my paintings and taking them with me to Gallery Abu Art in Dals Långed in Sweden.
Here’s the poster;


Some pictures from the grand opening

24th August 2014
Yesterday was just unforgettable, – a memory for life!
Thank you so much to all of you who came to the opening and took part in my big day, – I truly appreciate it!
My new art studio; Dalalåven Atelier, – opened with style. Red carpet, trumpet fanfare, royal ribbon cutting, an enormous amount of guests, – and even fantastic weather!
Once again, – thank you so much for making my day special!

ingalåven003 snorklipping2
dørene-åpnes ingalåven008
fullt-atelier skilt2
rødløper1 DSCF7326

The grand opening

18th August 2014

There’s less than a week left till the opening of my new art studio; Dalalåven Atelier, so we’re all rushing around these days trying to make sure everything will be in place on the opening day.

Several people have asked me how long the opening will last, I am sorry I haven’t informed about this earlier, but for those of you who are unable to make it for the opening at 13.00 I will stay open untill 17.00 this Saturday.

For those of you interested in buying art you will be able to take the art works straight home with you this day. In addition I naturally have all the Inga merchandise available for sale; art candles, art calendars and art cards.

I have also rented a card terminal for the occasion

I hope to see you there, welcome!

Opening of DalalΓ₯ven Art Studio

1.August 2014

In April 2013 we started on the big project of restoring and converting my parents old barn to a new art studio for me. The barn has gone through some big changes both on the inside and on the outside. We have spent a lot of hours, long weekends and late evenings working on it. And now, 16 months later we are finally nearing the end!

The offical opening will be on Saturday 23rd August at 1pm, this is a day I have been looking forward to for a long time!

Everybody is welcome, both for a look at the building and a look at my art. It will also be possible to buy both art and Inga Dalsegg merchandise on the opening day.

So make a note of the day and hopefully I will see you there!



The Four Elements

17.July 2014

I have just finished another little series of small papyrus paintings, – my third quadriptych. Not a word you hear on a regular basis, – but basically it just means 4 pictures in 1.

Previously I have painted the four seasons, this time I have painted the four elements; water, Earth, Fire and Air. each painting is 34x24cm
You can see them in a larger format in the Emotions and feelings-gallery


Here you can see a close up of each one of the elements









Building and painting

9.July 2014

I have been very busy the last few weeks, in addition to Fairs and Market Days I have been spending most of my time working on the old barn where my new art studio will be. In addition I do my best to find time to paint some new painting. Here is my most recen painting, – this one is called
“Fighting for Balance”
You can find it in a larger format in the Nudes-gallery

Fighting for Balance

Market days and Fairs

29.juni 2014

The annual Market Day during the Cultural Week in Rindal is on Saturday 5th July. I will be there selling my Inga Dalsegg merchandise.
This traditional Market day is always well visited, last year there was more than 1 500 people visiting it! It is always a lively event with all sorts of stalls and activities, so make a note of the day and take the trip to Rindal 5th July between 10 am and 4pm. Maybe I’ll see you there?


For the first time I also had a stall at the fair in Surnadalsøra, as you can see on the photos here.
Ørtamartnan is a quality fair with arts, crafts, antiques, local food and lots of activites. I was there 28th-29th June and sold my art candles, art cards and my art calendar for 2015, the weather was lovely and there was lots of people there.

Large commission

26.June 2014

I have been fortunate enough to have plenty of commissions this year, – here’s a fairly large commission I just finished, it’s 78x120cm, and is called Sunset.


You can see a larger version in the Commissions-gallery

Opening of Summer Exhibition

24.June 2014

I have just returned home from an absolutely brilliant and inspiring long weekend at the opening of the Summer Exhibition 2014 at Galleri Gudem in Hvasser (Tjøme).
The gallery itself is charming and in such a scenic location. This years Summer Exhibition has great variety, so there is really something for everyone here. I highly recommend a trip to Galleri Gudem this summer! The last day of this exhibition is 10th August.

You can read more about Galleri Gudem here

Here’s a few photos from the opening

Gudem-web Gudem-web 2
Gudem-web1 Marianne Inga Arjuna
små beundrere

Inga Dalsegg Art Cards

10.June 2014

I have just launched a brand new product, – this is actually a result of many requests these last few years. I have no idea how many people have been asking me if they can buy art cards with my paintings on?
Well, – I can finally say Of course I do! πŸ™‚
So far the collection consists of 4 motifs, the card are A5 size, are sold with an envelope, and they are blank inside.
The price is Nkr 40 per card

If you would like to see more photos of the cards have a look in the gallery with my merchandise here.
There you will also find an Order Form where it’s very straightforward and easy to order these products directly from me πŸ™‚


Art calendar for 2015

3.June 2014

The Inga Dalsegg Art Calendar for 2015 has arrived from the printers πŸ™‚
The 2014 calendar sold beyond all expectations, and to all of 5 different countries!
If you would like to order one for yourself, or as a present for someone, – just place your order, and I will ship it to you πŸ™‚
You can find an order form and more info here

2015-kalender kalenderplakat-pris

New Art Candles in stock!

26.May 2014

My new Art Candles just arrived today, and they are all available to order online now!
The collection with Inga Dalsegg Art Candles are made by Løiten Candle Factory, and consists of 9 motifs, – most of those are available in two different sizes.
You can find the order form with prices and details here

The large candles has diameter på 9,5cm while the small ones has a diameter of 8cm, both sizes are 15cm tall.

Shop till you drop! πŸ™‚

Summer Exhibition at Gallery Gudem

13.May 2014

I am one of the artists participating at Gallery Gudem’s Summer Exhibition 22.June-10.August.
The exhibition will open at Sunday 22. June at 14:00.

So if you are in the vicinty of Hvasser (Tjøme) in Norway this summer, please do pop by the gallery!

Galleri Gudem

This is a very varied exhibition, so I believe there will be something for everyone here.

Art Cards and other new merchandise

9.may 2014

I am currently launching some new merchandise, – and I am very excited about it all!
I am now waiting to receive my first delivery of Inga Dalsegg Art Cards, – you can see the motifs here
In addition I have just proofread and checked the Inga Dalsegg Art calendar for 2015, and approved the testprinting of 3 new motifs for my collection of Art candles.

All of these products can be bought directly from me, and they will be added to the Order Form here on my web site as soon as all the goods have arrived here.

I will post photos of the new Art candles and the Art calendar for 2015 soon!

Pictures from Artist Talk

1.May 2014
Here you can see a few photos from my Artist Talk at Plassen in Molde Saturday 26th April


10274203 10152019636097623 3999964102854055994 n10314530 757555854275223 361801389455534443 n


24.April 2014

You can read about me in the newspaper Romsdals Budstikke today, – this paper is available to buy online here


I will be holding an Artist talk in Molde on Saturday 26th April. This event is hosted by Møre og Romsdal Art Centre.
I hope to see you there! πŸ™‚
Using my art I will take you on an emotional tour through grief, deaspair, depression, – and the battle back to life.
If you are on Facebook you can see more about this event here
Time: Saturday 26th April klokka 13:00
Place: 3rd floor at Plassen in Molde

Artist Talk in Molde

13.April 2014

I will be presenting my art at an Artist Talk on Saturday 26th April at 1pm in Plassen in Molde.
This Artist Talk is hosted by Møre og Romsdal Art Centre.
Using my art I will take you on an emotional tour through grief, deaspair, depression, – and the battle back to life.

On 31st October 1996 my twin sister Elin, and Elin’s boyfriend Jin, was shot and killed in Ålesund. This was a life changing event for me. One half of me was gone forever and ever. I can never love anyone like I loved Elin, and no one will ever love me like Elin did.
My art saved me.
It is vital to talk about tragedy, grief and death – life is unfortunately not just comfortable and nice. I have always wanted to do what other people have described as “difficult” and “impossible” – if you use stubborness constructively it can give the energy and power to get through difficult times.
I think I can guarantee you all a powerful story and powerful pictures this Saturday

Everybody is welcome! So if you are in Molde or nearby, I hope to see you there!

You can read more on Møre og Romsdal Art Centre’s web site

“Elin & Jin 31.10.1996/United in Death”. painted i 1997-98 “Breaking all Boundaries” painted in 2013

elin  jin-web breaking all boundaries-web

Renovation and new art studio

1.April 2014

In April 2014 we started the renovation of my parents old barn, – which is to be tranformed into my new art studio. A lot has happened in this year, – but there’s still plenty of work to do on it.
I am very excited about getting a work space this size, I can hardly wait!
Here’s a selection of photos showing some of the process so far.


begynnelsen gravemaskin og låvebru


And interior:

IMG 4962IMG 4964

Portrait interview on tv

26th March 2014

Here you can see the portrait interview with me in the tv-program “Roald på kryss og tvers”. It was broadcast this evening, but is already available to watch online, so click here to watch it

The description is “Outspoken artist. Inga Dalsegg talks about life and art”
Quite funny to see that my cat Frøya is onscreen almost as much as me during the half an hour of the interview! πŸ™‚

TV Wednesday 26th March

21st March 2014

On Wednesday, 26th March, you can see me in the tv-program “Roald på kryss og tvers” on TKTV.
There will be a teaser going on tv from 07.00 that day. The program itself will be broadcast on TKTV and available online on www.tk.no/tktv from 17.30.
The program lasts about 30min.

Here you can see me and Roald Sevaldsen in front of my 60m² large wall painting at Rindalslist during the filming


Photo: Svein Junge


3rd Mach 2014

I have had a tv-team from TKTV here today, they interviewed me and filmed both in my home, in my art studio, at the barn I am converting, and in front of my huge wall painting at Rindalslist.
This will become an episode in the tv-series “Roald på kryss og tvers” which is broadcast on Wednesdays from 17.30 at TKTV and on tk.no.
The episode with me in it will most likely be sent towards the end of March, I’ll tell you more as soon as I know!
You can find TKTV’s website here

First painting on canvas of the year

13.February 2014

I have now finished my very first oil on canvas this year, – I have previously painted a few on papyrus.
This was painted on commission, it’s called Autumn Heat and is 40x65cm. If you’d like to see it in a larger format you will find it in the Nudes-gallery

autumn heat

I have already started painting on two other commissions, – so I have plenty to do! πŸ™‚

Spring and Art Candles

12.February 2014

Spring is almost here,
but the evenings are still long and dark here in Norway, which makes it even more cosy to light candles.
I still have Inga Dalsegg Art candles available for sale.
So if you’d like some for yourself, or as a present for someone, please get in touch! πŸ™‚
The prices are Nkr 200,- for the small candles and Nkr 300,- for the large ones.
Any postage will be added on the price.
All Inga Dalsegg Art candles are made by Løiten Candle Factory (Løiten Lys)


Inga on NRK radio

9.February 2014

Today you can hear me being interviewed on radio, on NRK P1, the program is called “Between heaven and earth” (Mellom himmel og jord).
I am talking about the special bond between twins. The program is broadcast at 10.00-11.00.
NRK came to see me Wednesday 5th february to do the interview.
The reason why they got in touch was the recent debate about foster reduction, which is why I am talking about the special bonds between twins.
So if you’re interesetd in hearing, tune in at 10.00-11.00.
On their facebook page the radio show writes:
“Everyone should have a twin! Inga was born a twin and grew up in plural. She has now lived without her twin sister Elin for many years. NRK P1, Sunday at 10am.”
See that here

If you did not get to hear this interview, it is not too late, you can hear it on NRK’s web site here
This link takes you straight to my part in the program, there is also an option top hear the entire show.

The Dream Grant

2.February 2014

I am one of the jury members of The Dream Grant 2014, “Drømmestipendet 2014”, the leader of the jury is the famous Norwegian musician Halvdan Sivertsen.
I am in the art-jury naturally enough, so in March we will meet in Trysil and have some intense days of jury work ahead of us, – I am really looking forward to it! πŸ™‚
You can read more about who’s in the jury here; Drømmestipend-jury

All of Norway’s 428 municipalities can nomin ate up to six candidates each, but only one for each of the categories; Visual art, dance, music, creative writing, theater and other. In March we in the jury will meet to do our work: to choose 100 young talents to award a Dream Grantof 10 000,- Norwegian kroner each in June.


New gallery

1.February 2014

As it’s now February and my January Sale is over I have now changed the “January Sale 2014-gallery” I had here to a gallery featuring all of my art currently available for sale.
I will be deleting pictures as they sell and adding new ones as they are finished to this gallery.
This is also the only gallery I have with sizes and prices on each and every picture. Any postage will be added to the price.
You can see this gallery here:

Paintings, drawings and lithographs currently available for sale


28.January 2014

I had a journalist come to interview me all the way from Valdres before Christmas. She wrote both an article about the enormous Christmas card of me,
that was 4,5×2,8meter, for the newspaper Framtida, ans an article about me as an artist.
You can read the latter article here, on Magasinett


Photo: Marit Lajord

Art raffle

13.januar 2014

The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association in Todalen have bought a pastel drawing at my January sale. I think it’s great that one of my pictures can help contribute towards the work they do.
You can read more about this on www.todalen.no they say; “the drawing will hang in our building most of the time untill the annual Christmas-do in December, – this way people can come and see it and take raffle tickets throughout the year to win it. During the year we will also take the picture with us to various events so we can reach more people who would like to support the work of The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association. The income from the raffle will all go towards our work locally.”
Here’s me with the picture they bought, – it’s called “Gentle Touch”

Gentle touch
I have received a lot of positive feedback on my January Sale, – several pictures have found new homes, – but it’s still possible to get a bargain!
So please have a look in my January Sale-album πŸ™‚

The 2nd papyrus of the year

12.January 2014

I have just finished another small painting og papyrus, – this one is called “Hiding, and is 17x34cm. You can see a larger photo of it in the Nudes-gallery


First painting of the year

3.January 2014

I have just finished my first painting this year, – it’s always something special about the very first time I sign a painting with a new year! The first painting from my art studio in 2014 is a small oil on papyrus, – it’s 18x30cm (without a frame) and it’s called “Shared Moment”. You can see a larger version of it in the Emotions and feelings-gallery

shared moment

My january sale has cause a lot of interest, I update the sale-gallery every time I sell something, – there’s still a lot of art at bargain prices to be found there, – so please have a look at my January Sale-gallery!
The newspaper Driva has written an article about this which you will find here: Celebrates with January Sale

January sale!

30.December 2013

To celebrate winning the Name of the year 2013 Award “Årets Driva-navn 2013” I am having my very first art sale ever!
I am doing this as my way of thanking all of you who voted for me.
I have made a special album here on my web site called January Sale 2014 All of the pictures in this album will be sold at sale prices in January 2014.

I wouldn’t recomment waiting, as 1st February 2014 the prices on all the unsold pieces will return to “before-price” – as art doesn’t have a best before date!
So this is your opportunity for a great deal, – all of these pictures are reduced between 15-40% postage will be added on the price. All prices are in Norwegian Kroner.

Click on every image to find more information on technique, size and price, – and if you see anything you would like to buy please contact me via
tel: + 47 41 57 95 23
e-mail: art@ingadalsegg.com

So if you’re looking for a special present for a friend, someone in your family, or a colleague, – or maybe you just fancy something new to hang on your own walls, – this is a perfect opportunity!
So have a look, browse through this album, – this is first come, first served, – so don’t hesitate!

I won!

30.December 2013

I won the Name of the year award “Årets Drivanavn 2013”!
There were many good candidates this year, so I had not at all expected to win.
This is truly an honour, and I would like to thank all of you who voted for me! πŸ™‚
Here you can see the front page of the newspaper Driva today:

Driva 30.des-13
“Leserne velger Inga” means “The readers choose Inga”
As it says in the article
“We would like to congratulate Inga Dalsegg as the Name of the year 2013 (Årets Drivanavn 2013). This is an honourable title one can be proud of. The decision is entirely up to the readers. It cannot be done in a more democratic way, says Sigmund Tjelle (the editor)”
Read the entire article in Driva here

Gingerbread Hobbit House

22.December 2013

I had my annual gingerbread house baking day with friends this week. This is an annual tradition in my house, I invite some of my close friends and we have an entire day where we bake and build various creative buildings from gingerbread.
This week we were inspired by The Hobbit, – so we made a hobbit house, – on the side of it you can see Gandalf riding in on his wagon.

The Norwegian tv-channel NRK have made an article about the gingerbread hobbit house here

10 12

Norway’s largest Christmas card?

12.December 2013

We think we have made Norway’s largest Christmas card!
Nathan Lediard at Lediard Foto has also this year taken photos of me for my Christmas cards, which should be on their way in the post to my customers now. We had an rather chilly outdoors photo shoot last week in -19c.

This year one of these Christmas cards will not only be sent to my art buying customers, – it is also covering an entire wall!
EB Video has printed the photo on to wallpaper, and fitted it on the wall, it is 4,5×2,8 metres!
This giant Christmas card is in the entrance of the Domus shopping centre in Surnadal, – and it will stay in place untill January.
We sincerely hope this Christmas greeting will brighten the day of all the customers and employees who will walk past it now in December.

You can read more about this here on Driva og Trollheimsporten

Here’s a few photos of the project from beginning to end!

Tapet printes Tapet monteres

Julekort 1 Julekort 2

Name of the year

10.December 2013

I am one of the 10 nominees to the Name of the year award “Årets Drivanavn 2013”!
In the nomination it says
“It is her pumpkin art that has mainly brought the artist Inga Dalsegg into the limelight nationally this year, and hasalso resulted in big headlines and articles in Driva. Her art candles made in cooperation with Løiten Candle Factory has also become a big hit, and she is in the prosess of converting the old barn at her childhood home to become an art studio”
There are several very good candidates this year, and I really feel it is an honour to be nominated!
If you would like to vote please do so at Drivas web site here

Art Calendar

For the very first time I’ve had my own art calendar made, they were launched in July.
The demand has been beyond my wildest dreams, so I had to have a 2.edition made. There’s still a few left, so if you’re interested there’s no time to lose!

If you’d like one for yourself, or you still have som Christmas presents left to buy, – I highly recommend an Inga Dalsegg Art calendar for 2014!
It contains 12 pictures of oil paintings, – both on canvas and papyrus, – and you can enjoy an entire year with art on your wall for only Nkr 275,- + postage

You can order by contacting me via
e-mail: art@ingadalsegg.com or
mobile: + 47 4157 9523


Orkdal Christmas Fair 2013

4th December 2013

The annual Orkdal Christmas Fair was last weekend. I was honoured to both hold the opening speech and that my painting, “Breaking all Boundaries”, – was used in all advertising and promotion of the fair this year.
Here’s a few photos from Orkdal Christmas Fair 2013:

Orkdalsemssa Pusekattstrømper Kunstlys Åpning2

Me holding the opening speech at the Orkdal Christmas Fair 2013

IMG 4912
Øistein Kristiansen, also known as Einstein, held an amazing drawing show on the stage on Saturday, here together with me on my stand.

The portrait season is here!

20.November 2013

A lot of people are thinking about having a portrait of some of their loved ones made for Christmas.
I take commissions, and can do portraits both as oil oaintings, pastel- or pencil drawings. All you need to do is e-mail me a photo.
But please do remember that it takes time to paint or draw a good quality photo! So if you’re considering having this done, I recommend ordering it as soon as possible, – so that I can guarantee to get it to you in time for Christmas.

I just finished a commission of this type today, below you can see Lone and Tøger

lone  toger

More of the small art candles

20.November 2013

The collection with Inga Dalsegg Art Candles keeps growing.
The smaller art candles have really been a hit, – they have sold far more than expected. People say they think these are excellent as Christmas presents!
So I decided to expand, and today I received another two motifs on the smaller candles.
The prices are Nkr 300,. for the large ones and NKr 200,- for the small ones. They can be ordered directly from me, just get in touch via phone or e-mail! πŸ™‚

below here you can see the various motifs and sizes I have available at the moment.

You can see more photos of these in the album Art Candles and Art Calendar

#Artist’s Demonstration

19th November 2013

On Tuesday 19th November Norwegian artists all over the country were demonstrating, – “#Kunstneraksjonen” is a national demonstration for the future of art. We encouraged people everywhere, – at home and at work, – to cover up art and culture.
As I myself was not able to travel to one of the larger demonstrations in the cities I decided to get a local demonstration going instead.
below you can see me and actor Per Arne Løset starting the demonstration at Surnadal Kulturhus


You can read more about our local happening here in Driva and Trollheimsporten

Preparations towards Christmas Fairs

8th November 2013

I am currently in the middle of preparations towards the annual Rindal Chrismas Fair,which is this weekend; 9.-10.November. The opening times are Saturday 10-17 and Sunday 12-17
I am bringing both my art, art calendars and art candles, – I hope to see you there! πŸ™‚

Later this month I will be at the Christmas Fair in Orkanger, “Orkdalsmessa”, 30.Nov-1.Dec.
I am trying to get some papyrus paintings done before Christmas. Here’s my most recent one, it’s called “Reading in Bed II”, and you can find it in the nudes-gallery.

reading in bed 2

As I said, “Orkdalsmessa” is not far away either, my painting “Breaking Free” has been chosen as this years profile for that Christmas Fair, and is used on all adverts, posters etc. I will also be the one opening the Fair this year.
I have to admit it really made me happy to see this advert on the front page of the newspaper “Avisa Sør Trøndelag” earlier this week!

TV News and Breakfast News

1st November 2013

On Wednesday 30th October Norwegian TV news from the channel TV2 spent the day here filming me carving a huge pumpkin.
The motif I chose was Jack Nicholson from The Shining in the famous “”Heeeeere’s Johnny!” clip, you can see the picture below.
The film was shown on the national TV2 News at 9pm the same evening, you can see the clip here

On Thursday 31st October I was on live national Breakfast TV, also on the channel TV2. I carved 2 pumpkin lanterns while on live tv.
here’s a photo from the tv studio.

God Morgen Norge Johnny

Breakfast TV

27.October 2013

I will be carving pumpkin lanterns on live tv again this year, – like I did last year.
So Thursday 31st October you can see me on the Breakfast tv-show “God Morgen Norge” on TV2, – so tune in and watch me carving my pumpkins from 06.55-10.00
The News from TV2 will be coming to my house the day before to film me carve an enormous pumpkin called George! it’s a 49kg pumpkin, way larger than anything I’ve ever tried to work with before, – so I’m pretty excited about that!
You can see that on “TV” Nyhetene” either Wednesday 30th or Thursday 31st October.

Norwegian TV and pumpkins

27.October 2013

My pumpkin carvings are causing headlines again. Thursday 24th October the Norwegian TV channel NRK spent the day at my house filming me carving pumpkin lanterns. (From a rather huge pumpkin too!)
It will be sent on tv tomorrow, today it went online on their web site. I have to admit I never thought I’d see myself that close to Captain Jack Sparrow himself!
You can see the video and read the article on NRK’s page here: how to carve pumpkins for Halloween

To the left a screen print of NRK’s web page. To the right one of the pumpkin lanterns I’ve carved this year

1380200 10151683066917623 1852599279 n heks

Small Papyrus

18.October 2013

Here’s another small papyrus, with a theme I haven’t used for a while.
This one is called “Reading in Bed”, and you can view it full size in the nudes-gallery
I am hoping to finish a few more small papyrus paintings before Christmas, – so hopefully there’ll be some more here in the near future πŸ™‚

reading in bed

Art Candles and paintings

8th October 2013

I will be travelling to Løiten Candle factory this week, to pick my new art candles, – something I am really looking forward to! πŸ™‚
Here’s the poster showing the two paintings used on these new candles.

I am currently working towards a few Christmas Fairs coming up, here’s two new paintings I just finished.
“Creative Dreams” to the left and “Keeping Her Safe” to the right

creative dreams keeping her safe

New Art candles

20th September 2013

Løiten Candle Factory are now working on producing 2 new motifs in the range of Inga Dalsegg Art Candles.
The new candles are smaller than the previous ones, and I should have them pretty soon.

I will be selling these along with my other art candles, art calendars and my art of course, – at various fairs and exhibitions.

But you can also order directly from me, I am happy to post them off to you!
These new candles will cost Nkr 200,- per candle + postage.

Here you can see the new art candles, photos are in the
Art candles and Art calendar gallery One of the photos show the size difference between these new art candles and the earlier ones.

growing up vr litenstor


17th September 2013

I have tried painting on a lot of different types of surfaces, and I have painted a wide variety of stuff on commission. Amongs others a factory wall that was60m², a sauna, the bonnet of a car, an mc-tank etc
The commission I’ve just finished now was to paint 2 small seashells. You can see one of them below here, and find it in a larger format in the commission-gallery.
This painting is about 8x9cm, so very tiny in other words!


Hands again

28.August 2013

I have just painted another couple of paintings with hands, – a theme I never seem to tire off.

The one to the left with the old couples’ hands is called “Passed the Test of Time”. While the one to the right with the child and the adult hand is called “Growing Up”

Both of these are naturally enough in the Hands and feet-gallery

passed the test of time-web growing up

Romance again

22.August 2013

Here’s my most recent oil painting, a romantic one again this time. You can find it in a larger format in the Couples-gallery:

the kiss

Brand new papyrus

I have just finished another two papyrus paintings, you can see them below, and find them in the Couples gallery;

“The Best is Yet to Be” “Goodnight”

goodnight the best is yet to be

Art Festival and new papyrus paintings

6.August 2013

Strandheim Art Festival in Orkanger is on S aturday 17.August, I am one of the three Festival Artists. They have a very varied program, with a lot to see and experience; everything from art exhibitions to conserts and dance classes, – so if you have the opportunity I’d recommend to stop by there!
If you are on Facebook you can see more about them here

In addition to having an art exhibition at Strandheim Art Festival I’ll also be bringing along my art candles and my art calendars for sale, so if you’re looking for something for yourself, or a small present for someone you may find both here.

I have recently finished two new papyrus paintings, the one to the left is called “As Years Go By” and the one to the rigt “When Love is Forever”:

as years go by when love is forever


10th July 2013

Here’s a new oil painting on canvas, it’s been a little while since I painted anythin romantic now, but there’s more to come soon.
This one is called “Affection”, and you can see it in a larger format in the couples-gallery


Commission for a close friend

10.July 2013

I have just finished a new painting on papyrus. This time a commission for my very good friend Gunn Marit Nisja, she is an author, – so naturally I had to include a book.
Gunn Marit has given the painting the title “For the Love of Reading”, and here it is;


You can see this picture in a larger format in the Commission-gallery.


9.July 2013

I honestly never thought I’d get a commission for drawing a pig, but it just goes to prove you never know! So I have now made my first portrait with a pig.You can see this drawing in a larger format in the Portrait-gallery
John Eiliv and the pig:

john eiliv og grisen

The Motivation Award

7th July 2013

I had my own stand selling my art calendars and art candles during Saturdays Market Day in Rindal, the sale and response went beyond my wildest expectations. So thank you very much to all of you who were there! πŸ™‚
To top the day off Emil Gåsvand and I was awarded Rindal Bank’s Motivation Award for 2013. This totally came out of the blue, I had absolutely no idea at all, – so I was actually rendered speechless, – which doesn’t happen very often!

The jury’s statement say’s “15 years ago, the second prize winner was awarded a cultural grant from the Bank in connection with the Bank’s 125th anniversary. Since then she has evolved into a cultural personality in Rindal, both through her own art and as an art teacher for other young talents. Through her art and her many exhibitions she has made her mark both nationally and internationally.”
You can read more about the award and the entire statement from the jury in Driva’s article here. Also you can find several articles about this under Reviews

Here’s a few photos both from us receiving the award and from me on my stand at the Market Day:

Inga-Emil Motivasjonspris 1 599597 10151459471786300 1662792210 n

IMG 3670

Press conference

28th June 2013

Yesterday I held a press conference to tell about my new art calendar and the renovation of my parents old barn, – which will become my new art studio.
You can read all about it in the newspapers Tidens Krav, Avisa Sør Trøndelag and Driva today. There’s also an article online on Trollheimsporten here.

One of the journalists also took a photo of the other journalists at work, i thought it was a fun shot, so I’m sharing it with you here;

Photo: Tor Helge Solli, Tidens Krav


Art Calendar

24th June 2013

New and exciting things are happening, I am now launching the Inga Dalsegg Art calendar for 2014! πŸ™‚

I received the print sample today, during next week the rest will arrive from the printers.
I will be selling my Art Calendar from my stand at the Market Day during the Cultural Week in Rindal Saturday 6th July.
And also at Strandheim Art Festival in Orkanger 17th-18th August.
In addition you can contact me directly to buy/order your calendars!

The price is Nkr 275,- per calendar + postage


Large papyrus

1.June 2013

I have just finished my largest papyrus paintingg so far today, it is only 43x65cm, but all my previous paintings on papyrus have been a fair bit smaller than this.
Anyway, here it is, and you can view a larger version of it in the Emotions and feelings-gallery


The County Art Centre

28th May 2013

My painting “Passed the Test of Time”, – which you can see a bit further down on this page, will be at an exhibition at the Art Centre in Møre & Romsdal, in Molde, – 30th May-30th June.
The Art centre is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and this exhibition is in honour of that.
The opening is on Thursday 30th June at 19.00, – the Art Centre (Kunstnersenteret) is located in the new cultural builiding Plassen in the centre of Molde.
Their opening times are:

Tues – Fri: 11:00 – 17:00
Sat: 11:00 – 16:00
If you’re on facebook you can follow them here; KMR

Cooperation with LΓΈiten Candle Factory

27.May 2013

Here’s a few photos of my art candles on display at the shop at Løiten Candle Factory.

On their Facebook page they say:

Løiten Candle Factory and Inga Dalsegg have entered into a cooperation agreement about the production and sale of art candles.
The candles can be bought here at our shop at Løten Candle Factory and directly from Inga Dalsegg.
Inga Dalsegg is a classical figurative painter who uses the human body as a main theme in her art.
Several large companies in Norway and England have bought her art.

If you would like to buy art candles, please do get in touch!

943008 10151604745583675 1283190782 n922917 10151604745608675 632360779 n

Old hands

20.mai 2013

Here’s my most recent painting, once again I have painted hands, – but this time the hands of an elderly couple.
The title is “Passed the Test of Time”, and if you would like to see it in a larger size, take a look in the hands and feet gallery

passed the test of time-web


10.May 2013

Today I have just finished painting my very first quadriptych!Not a word you hear very often, – I know…. It means 4 pictures in 1, – to sum it up.

The subject i was given was The 4 Seasons, – this is a commission I have worked one for some time now. Today the customer came to my art studio to view the finished piece, – he was very pleased, – and is looking forward to getting it up on his wall.

From left to right you see; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
I was given the freedom to freely choose how I wanted to “solve” and paint this theme. I chose to combine the seasons with the cycle of life.
So spring is a small child, and summer a youth. Autumn is the time for harvest and fertility, – both in nature and among living creatures. Winter is old age, – the winter of life.

You can see a larger picture and photos of all 4 individual paintings in the Commission-gallery


Motorcycle show 2013

1st May 2013

There was a lot of visitors at the Motorcycle Show on Saturday, plenty of people stopped by my stand to watch me paint, and to buy art candles.
So many actually that I didn’t get to finish painting the motorcycle tank!
But I have spent some time in my art studio finishing it now, – and here’s the result.
You can find pictures of it in a larger format in the Commission-gallery.



Here’s a few photos from the Motorcycle Show in Rindalshuset:


5198052 2273553

IMG 3393Kunstlys



Here’s a couple of photos from the opening my exhibition at Thrane Gård Galleri in Sandnes, on Saturday 20th April. This is gallery owner Stine Rosenkilde Dahl and me on the opening night.

The exhibition will hang untill 27th May, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet there’s still time!

Thrane Farm Gallery

18th April 2013

My next exhibition is opening this weekend, at Thrane Farm Gallery in Sandnes. The opening night is on Saturday 20th April at 18.00, – I myself will be present.
The exhibition will hang untill 27th May.
It’s an honour to be the first artist to have a show in the the barn there! You can read more about the exhibition on the gallery website.

The opening times of the gallery are:
Tuesday11-15, Wednesday 17-20, Friday 11-15, Sunday 12-16.

Hope to see you there!

The 4 seasons on papyrus

6th April 2013

I have just finished my first papyrus paintings of the year, the motifs are a bit unusal for me, – as I have painted the 4 seasons.
From left to right you see Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter;


These are now in the Emotions and Feelings gallery, so have a look there if you’d like to see them in a larger format.mat.

Inga Dalsegg Art Candles

2.April 2013

There is a load of Inga Dalsegg Art Candles in my garage at the moment!

The first place these candles will be for sale is from my stand at the Motorcycle-Show in Rindal Saturday 27th April, 11.00-17.00.

You can also contact me if you would like to buy some, the cost of postage will be added to the price.

Brennende lys

Art candles and a motorcycle!


20.March 2013

There’s a lot happening at the moment!

I have just got a contract with Løiten Lys about the production of Inga Dalsegg Art Candles! We are starting off with 4 different paintings printed on candles. These candles will be for sale at Løiten Lys and directly from me.
I’ll have more information about this later, but here you see the 4 motifs we have chosen so far:


Over to something completely different:
Yesterday I had an mc-tank delivered here to my art studio, on a custom made stand! This is a commission from Rindal MC-club.
I will be starting to paint on this tank here in my art studio, and will have a stand at the Motorcycle-show in Rindal 27th April, where you can come and see me finish of the painting of it.
In addition this will be the launch of my art candles, so this will be the first place you can come and buy Inga Dalsegg art candles!

The motorcycle-tank in my art studio, still unpainted:

IMG 2991

So make a note in your calendar to come to the Motorcycle-Show in Rindal Saturday 27th April, 11.00-17.00, hopefully I’ll see you there!

Opening at Gallery Hans

11.March 2013

Here’s a photo from the opening of my exhibition “Raise Your Voice!” at Gallery Hans, Ørland Cultural Centre.
If you take a look under reviews you can see an article from the Newspaper Fosna-folket about this exhibition.

IMG 2950

Raise Your Voice

26th february 2013

It’s now closing up to my exhibition “Raise Your Voice! at Gallery Hans, Ørland Cultural Center,

read more about it on their web site here

There has been some changes, this will now be a solo exhibition to celebrate the suffrage centenary. The exhibition will hang 9th March-7th April,

and the opening is Saturday 9th March at 14.00.

Painting and painting

25th February 2013

I have been working in my art studio all hours since new years, as a result of being booked into a lot of galleries, and having a fair bit of commissions. So here’s another new painting, this one is called In My Hand. And you’ll find it in the hands and feet gallery

in my hand-web

I would also like to remind you that Wednesday 27th February is the last day of my exhibition at Gallery Barbara at Sunndal Cultural House. So if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you still have the opportunity.

Women’s suffrage centenary

22nd February 2013

On 11 June 2013 it will be 100 years since Norwegian women gained the right to vote and Norway became a true democracy.The Government wishes to celebrate the suffrage centenary with events throughout the country. The celebrations in 2013 will highlight the importance of 1913 in Norway’s history

I am one of 3 artists chosen to take part in an art exhibition which is part of this celebration. The exhibition is arranged byThe Norwegian Visual Artists Association and will be at gallery Hans at Ørland Cultural Center.

The opening will be Saturday 9thMarch at 14.00, and the exhibition will hang untill 4th May.

I have painted my 2 most recent paintings, which you can see further down on this page, especially for this exhibition. My thoughts have been liberation, freedom and suffrage.

Gallery Hans is on facebook, read more about it all here

I myself will be present at the opening, hopefully I’ll see you there!

Sandnes in April-May

21st February 2013

In a couple of months I will be travelling to Sandnes with my pictures.

So if you’re in that area, please come and see my exhibition at Thrane Farm Gallery 20th April-27th May.
The opening will be Saturday 20th April at 18.00, – you’re all welcome!

See more about the gallery on their website here
They’re also on facebook, find them here

Something new and different

14th February 2013

Here’s another new painting, a very different one compared to what people have come to expect from me.
It’s always fun and exciting to try something new though!

It’s called “Breaking all Boundaries”, and you’ll find it in the emotions and feelings gallery

breaking all boundaries-web


12th February 2013

My second painting this year is finished!
I just discovered that all of the paintings I am currently working on all have a fair bit of the colour blue on them, which is very unusual for me! Blue is not a colour I use a lot of in my art.
But I have been working a lot with symbolism in both this painting, and the other ones that are on the way, so the colour blue just came naturally somehow.

Here’s the painting, it’s called “Breaking Free”, and you can find it in the hands and feet gallery.

breaking free-web

February Exhibition

10th February 2013

My art exhibition with Sunndal Art Association, in Gally Barbara, opened on Thursday 7th February.
This exhibition will last all of February, so there’s plenty of time to go and see it yet!
Here’s a couple of photos from the opening,
Photos: Kjell Ove Holsbøvåg:

DSC 0314

DSC 0322

Papyrus Delivery

1.February 2013

Yaaayyyy!!! I just have to shout, as I have finally received a parcel with papyrus from Egypt! πŸ™‚
So now I am finally able to paint more papyrus paintings. All of you who have been asking about these lately know that I have been sold out for some time, but now there’s finally more to come!

I am really looking forward to paint on papyrus again!

Successful Opening

1.February 2013

The opening of my exhibition at Snefugl Farm Gallery in Buvika was a success! Here’s a photo taken just before the opening;

IMG 2822 - Kopi

Sunday 3.February is the final opening day of this exhibition. So if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you still have a few days left:-)

I am not having any time off though, my next exhibition is coming up shortly after that, opening on Thursday 7th February at 19.00
So in February you can see and buy my work at Sunndal Art Association, Gallery Barbara 7th-28th February, you’re all very welcome! πŸ™‚

Snefugl Farm Gallery

22.January 2013

This week I am off to Snefugl Farm Gallery in Buvika to hang my pictures for my exhibition there, – welcome! πŸ™‚
The opening is Sunday 27th January at 15.00


First one of the year!

7th January 2013

My first painting this year is finished, it’s always a special feeling to sign the first painting of a year!

You can view this in a larger format in the couples-gallery


Future exhibitions

6th January 2013

Here’s some information about my upcoming exhibitions in the first half of 2013.

My first art exhibition this year is, as previously mentioned, at Snefugl Farm in Buvika. The opening will be on Sunday 27th January at 15.00. The exhibition will be open every day untill Sunday 3rd February from 16.00 and on. You can read more about the gallery and my exhibition on their web site here

Then I will be exhibiting at Gallery Barbara, with Sunndal Art Association 7th-28th February.

My next art exhibition will be at Thrane Farm Gallery in Sandnes. More information to come, but the opening will be on Saturday 20th April. If you are on Facebook you can see more about Thrane Farm Gallery on their page here.

After that I will have my next exhibition at Dr. Holms Hotel at Geilo, in the end of July.

The Winter Cultural Week

1.January 2013

My first art exhibition in 2013 will be at Snefugl Farm during the Winter Cultural Week in Skaun. The exhibition opens on Sunday 27th January, and the last day is Sunday 3rd February.

I’ll post more information about opening times etc soon, so watch this space!

Last pictures made in 2012

31.December 2012

Wishing all of my customers, family and friends a very happy new year!
here are the last pictures made in 2012,

to the left a portrait commission, “Emma & Mia”, I culdn’t put it online untill now as it was to be a Christmas present. And to the right the painting “Just Between the Two of Us”

just between the two of us-web


Photo shoot

13th Desember 2012

I had a photo shoot with Nathan W. Lediard yesterday, it truly was great fun! The plan was to take Christmassy, but different, photos, which I then can use for Christmas cards to my customers.
It was cold, I have to admit that one, but we I laughed so much and had such a great time I totally forgot about the cold!
I wouldn’t recommend climbing other peoples roof without asking permission, or climbing roofs in stiletto’s though, just to mention it!
Here’s a few of the pic’s, you can see the rest in the album called “Ho Ho Ho…” on Lediard Foto’s facebook page
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

403463 389002341186842 972731601 n 282410 388985424521867 1613460481 n

155919 388998557853887 1032633160 n 31622 388995594520850 1123063539 n

Short documentary

3rd December 2012

Last week I was followed by two photo journalists; Melisa Fajkovic and Skjalg Bøhmer Vold, as they participated in a workshop with Bombay Flying Club and Trondheim Documentary Festival.The result of this is a short documentary which was shown at Trondheim Documentary Festival Saturday 1st December.
Trollheimsporten wrote an article about this, “Photojournalistsholding workshop in Rindal” which you can read here

The documentary is also available online now, you can see the filmhere

Lots of updates

22nd November

There’s been a fair few updates from me here lately, but that’s just how it is when there’s a lot going on!

Here’s my 2 most recent portraits, two charming boys with lots of curly hair, Magnus to the left and Jo to the right;

Magnus-web Jo-web

Recipe Book

21st November 2012

This isn’t art related, but still, I just have to share this piece of news with you.
I love to cook, and have now had the honour of contributing to a recipe book made by Britt Grete Moen.
I organised a picnic for the author, photographer and one of my friends, and several of my picnic receipes are now in this book.

I only received the book myself yesterday, and have to say it’s a really good one; it has receipes for all level of cooking and something to tempt everyone, in addition to beautiful photos and a cool design.

So if you know anyone who understands Norwegian and like cooking, – this is a perfect Christmas present!

Here’s a few photos from my chapter in the book:

Rindal Christmas Fair 2012

20th November 2012

As I mentioned earlier I had a stand at the Rindal Christmas Fair this year,

there was a lot of beautiful things to see and buy, all sorts of products.
On my stand I didn’t just have my art, in addition I sold special candles with my paintings printed on them. These sold a lot more than expected though, so I was sold out after only 2 hours!
Luckily there was hope for those who didn’t make it there in time, as I did take orders. So my friend in Stavanger who makes these candles are now producing as many as she can, they are all individually hand made, so it does take some time though.

Here are a few photos from the fair:

Kunstlys Portrett

More papyrus and other paintings too

19th November 2012

There’s been a fair bit going on lately,

here’s some of my newest work. Unfortunately i cannot share all of my recent pictures with you, as some of them are commissions intended as Christmas presents. So I will have to waith with sharing them untill later.

But untill then, – here are 2 small papyrus paintings and one ordinary oil painting:

papyrus-reading-web papyrus-par-web

future in my hand-web

As usual you can find all of these in a larger format in their separate galleries

Good Morning Norway

30.October 2012

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday 31st October, you can see me carving pumpkin lanterns on Norwegian TV. I will be on “God Morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway” on the channel TV2, the show is on from 06.55-10.00, and I will be on and off from around 07.40-10.00.

I have been carving pumpkin lanterns for years, and i did an article for the comic book “Nemi” in 2007 where I had a step by step instruction in how to carve pumpkins. But this will be the first time where I have to think about time and work under pressure! So that’ll be pretty exciting!

So if you have the opportunity to watch tv in the mornings, turn over to TV2 tomorrow to see the result! πŸ™‚

NRK Trøndelag made an article about my pumpkins last week, there’s plenty of photos there, you can have a look at that here

And here’s one of this years pumpkins:


Christmas Fair and exhibition in Hov Church

24th October 2012

There’s always plenty going on for me the last couple of months before Christmas. In addition to working on commissions I am now also busy preparing a few other activities.

I am participating with some of my paintings in a Group Show with the theme “Love” in Hov Church at Sunndal 1st-29th November.

And I am having my own stand at the annual Christmas Fair in Rindal 10th-11th November. The opening hours there are:
Saturday 10th Nov: 10.00-17.00
Sunday 11th Nov: 12.00-17.00

If you’re in the area, – please drop by!

New commission

20th October 2012

My most recent painting was picked up by it’s new owner yesterday, – you can see a picture of it below here. This was a commission of the type that I really enjoy, – where I get a lot of freedom. The only thing that was decided upon in advance was the colour yellow, the atmosphere or mood of the painting, and the size. So with the rest left up to me it was also pretty exciting when the client got to see the finished result for the first time!

It has already been hung on the wall in it’s new home, and I have received excellent feedback, – which means a lot to me.

I have now started on a new commission, – of the type that I usually receive a fair few of this time of year; a portrait of two children. If you have been thinking of buying a portrait of your loved ones as a Christmas present for someone I would recommend ordering it already now, – to be sure you receive it in time. πŸ™‚

bright future-web


15th October 2012

My very good friend Gunn Marit recently returned from a holiday in Egypt with a fantastic present for me, – a small roll of exclusive papyrus! πŸ™‚ I have never before had the opportunity to try painting on that, so I found this very exciting!
I have now done some testing, playing around and experimenting with oil paint on this papyrus, and the result so far you can see below here.
You will find both of these paintings in a larger format in the Emotions and Feelings-gallery

It’s always fun to try something new, even though I did have some trouble along the way; I usually paint wet-on-wet, which I couldn’t make work here.
Luckily for me I have a few sheets left, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have more experiments to show you soon


Hands, – once again!

7. September 2012

I have just finished a new pencil drawing, and once again the subject is hands! πŸ™‚
This time it’s 2 adult hands and 4 children’s hands

This drawing is called “Family 2”

family 2-web

Cozy indoors

5th September 2012

Autumn has arrived, the rain is drumming against the skylight here in my art studio, and I can hear the wind howling around the corners of my house. At least I don’t get tempted to leave my studio to go outside and do something! Instead I am spending my time indoors, planning new motifs, painting and drinking copiuous amounts of tea. Autumn storms aren’t so bad when you can be all cozy and warm indoors πŸ™‚
Here’s my most recent painting, it’s called “Leaning in”

leaning in-web

Portrait Painting

23rd August 2012

Here’s my most recent painting, a portrait painted on commission.

The majority of the portrait commissions I get are for drawings, – both pencil and pastel, – so it’s always nice to get a painting once in a while as a bit of variation πŸ™‚



You’ll find this in the portrait gallery if you want to see it in a larger format

The result of the art auction

11th August 2012

I have totally forgotten to share with you how the art auction went. I was both one of the organisers and one of the many artists who donated a piece of art for this event. So I was a bit nervous as to the result of all this.

The auction went better than I’d dared hope for, – a lot of people showed up, and the bidding got really exciting and intense at times. In total the art auction collected around Nkr 40 000,- for the museum.
You can see more photos and read more about it all at Trollheimsporten here

Auctioneer Oddbjørn Heggem and me during the art auction at Igjltjønna in Rindal;

IMG_1711 IMG_1714

Wedding present

9th August 2012

Occasionally one needs a present for a big occasion for someone special.
I was recently invited to the wedding of a dear childhood friend of mine. I very rarely give paintings as a present, but once in a while there’s these special somebodies that you really care about, and want to do something extra for.
So I gave this painting as a wedding present for Thor-Martin and Tommy;


Art auction

27th July 2012

On Saturday 4th August at 14.00 there’s an art auction at Igltjønna in Rindal. I am one of 12 artists who have donated a piece of art for this auction. The money raised will go to Rindal Museum.

The other artists are; Elling Reitan, Grethe By Rise, Kristian Finborud, Morten W. Gjul, Grethe Solemsløkk, Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold, Elin Rindahl Steiro, Rolf Øidvin, Tanja Vean, Solvor Leistad and Olaug Storløkken.

The picture I have donated is this pastel drawing;

apple 1-web Apple

I am very excited about this, hope to see lots of people there!

You can read more about the auction and see the other picturesin the catalogue which you’ll find here

Childrens portraits

27thjuly 2012

Here are 2 children’s portraits I’ve just made on commission. They are pastel drawings with my usual neutral colours on everything, but with splashes of bright colours on the clothes;

Serine Bjørn ErikSerine-web Bjrn_Erik-web

You can find these in a larger format in the portrait-gallery


10.juli 2012


Her er det ikke sommerferie, i stedet er det full aktivitet på atelieret, så derfor har jeg noen nye bilder å vise frem.
Både maleri og tegninger, som dere ser er det også noen nye motiv for min del her, – dette er første gangen jeg har laget bilder med eldre par som motiv;

old love 2-web

old love-web



new life-web summer pleasures-web













Bildene finner dere i større format rundt omkring i sine respektive gallerier πŸ™‚




Hardanger Cultural Gallery

28th June 2012

Plenty of people came and attended the opening of my art exhibition at Hardanger Cultural Gallery (Hardanger Kulturgalleri), and I truly had a wonderful weekend there. This gallery is absolutely well worth a visit, – I have never before had an exhibition at such a special location and with such an amazing view, so I strongly recommend taking a trip there!

My exhibition will hang there throughout the summer, the gallery opening hours are Tues-Fri 11-16 and Sat-Sun 11-17.
here’s some photos from my trip there

Hardanger Cultural Gallery; The gallery close up

Hardanger_Kulturgalleri galleriet

Utstillingen min inne i galleriet

uttilling3 utstilling2


Gallery owner and artist Arne Bakke Mælen in the cosy cafe upstairs in the gallery.

Delayed opening

14th June 2012

The opening of my exhibition at Hardanger Cultural Gallery has been moved forward, instead of it opening on Saturday it will now be Sunday at 1pm, – everybody is welcome! πŸ™‚

Bonnet of a car

10th June 2012

I have just had a customer here to come and pick up a painting he has commissioned, but no ordinary painting, – as he commissioned me to paint straight on the bonnet of car! You can see photos of it here;

bilpanser-web bil-detalj-web

This bonnet is not going back on a car, instead the customer will hang it on his living room wall. You can find these photos in a larger format in the Commission gallery.

Today was also the last day of my exhibition at Vestfossen, on Friday I go to Hardanger to open have a solo exhibition at Hardanger Cultural Gallery. This show opens on Saturday 16th June at 2pm, – you’re all welcome! πŸ™‚

Vestfossen and Hardanger

29.May 2012

My exhibition at Gallery Møllabekken in Vestfossen is open Wednesday-Sunday from 12-16, the last day of the exhibition is Sunday 10th June, so if you still haven’t had an opportunity to check it out, there’s still plenty of time πŸ™‚

Here’s a couple of photos from the opening:

P_utstilling Galleriet

My next exhibition will be at Hardanger Cultural Gallery, where I open an exhibition on Saturday 16th June at 14.00. You’re all very welcome! πŸ™‚

Gallery MΓΈllabekken in Vestfossen

25th April 2012

My next art exhibition is at Gallery Møllabekken in Vestfossen in Buskerud 12th May-10th June. This is a solo exhibition, and I myself will be present at the opening on Saturday 12th May at 14.00, – everyone is welcome! πŸ™‚

I would also like to inform you that this Sunday is your last chance to see my exhibition at Rakkestad Art Association, Gallery Midtstuen in Østfold.

They are open 18.00-20.00 today (Wednesday), Saturday 12.00-15.00 and Sunday 12.00-17.00.

Here is my most recent drawing, you can see it in larger format in the nudes-gallery,


Gallery Skjæveland

22.April 2012

The group show “Dialogue” opened at Gallery Skjæveland in Jørpeland in Rogaland on Thursday 19th April.
I have 6 pictures on show there, the exhibition is on display untill 30th Maiy.

Here’s a couple of photos from the opening:

Inga1 Inga2

Rakkestad Art Association

20.April 2012

I opened my solo exhibition at Rakkestad Art Association, Gallery Midtstuen in Østfold on saturday 14th April. I have a total of 41 pictures there; oil paintings, pastel drawings and prints. Their gallery is absolutely fantastic, so large and spacious, so it was a joy to hang my work there!

The exhibition will be on display untill Sunday 29th April, so if you’re in the area you still have the chance to see it!

Here are some photos from the hanging of the pictures and the opening:

hanging pictures and making sure everything is in it’s proper place


From the opening of the exhibition, and me posing for the photographer from Rakkestad Newspaper

5 6

Interview in Ukeadressa

1st April 2012

Parts of the interview with me in the newspaper Ukeadressa yesterday is now online. In addition to the interview there’s also a series of photos there and a video from thephotoshoot. You can see all of that HERE

The Norwegian News

I am in the Norwegian newspaper Ukeadressa tomorrow, the entire front page and 4 pages inside! πŸ™‚


Ready for exhibitions

28th March 2012

Here’s my most recent painting, so now I am all ready and set for both of the exhibitions I am having after Easter!
This painting is called Keep Me Safe, and you can view it in a larger format in the couples-gallery

keep me safe-web

I have also chosen to use this painting for the exhibition poster for my show in Rakkestad. So if you are in Østfold or area in the periode 14th-29th April, please stop by my show there in Rakkestad, I myself will be present at the opening on Saturday 14th April at 12 noon.


More hands

15th March 2012

Here’s my newest painting, – old and young hands once again. It’s been a while since I used these colours so i felt it was about time again. This one is called Heritage, – and naturally enough you’ll find it in the hands and feet-gallery


Lecture and 2 new paintings

2.March 2012

Today I have been to Orkdal College and held a lecture about me and my art for the students there who has a subject called “Art and Communication”. It is always nice to be asked to do lectures like this, and since today was my second visit to that College I assume they are happy customers.

At the moment I am working towards two exhibitions which both opens in April; – I am having a solo exhibition at Rakkestad Art Association in Gallery Midstuen 14.-29.April. And I am taking part in a Group Show at Gallery Skjæveland in Jørpeland 19.April-30.May. I’ll keep you posted with more information about both of these later! πŸ™‚

I know I have posted a lot of new drawings lately, – but I have also found time to do some painting. So here are 2 brand new paintings, – as usual you can view them in a larger size in the hands and feet-gallery and the Couples-gallery:

legacy-webhold me tight-web

7 small pastel drawings

It is still far easier for me to draw than it is to paint after the shoulder surgery i’ve been through. So here’s another bunch of small pastel drawings. For the first time ever a few cats have managed to sneak into a few of my pictures too.

All of these pictures can be seen in larger size in the Hands and Feet and Nudes-gallery

apple 1-web companion 1-web

companion 2-web reading 5-web wine 5-web

studying 3-web britt-sa-web

Commission for Molde Hospital

9.February 2012

Yesterday I was in Molde to hand over my most recent painting “Livsglød” to the cancer ward at Molde Hospital. It was an emotional day, the story behind this commission is a special one, – as it was the last dying wish of a cancer patient. The tv-company NRK and the newspaper Romsdals Budstikke was there to cover this, and as with all reviews you can find their coverage under reviews here on my web site.

You can find a separate photo of just the painting in the Commissions gallery

You can also see NRK’s filmed coverage which was on the news yesterday here



painting, drawing and sick leave

26.January 2012

Due to intense physical therapy I am now able to work a little bit in my art studio again. I am still not able to paint for long periods like I used to before, but it feels great to be back in the studio no matter what! πŸ™‚

So here are som new pictures, a portrait, a pastel drawing and a painting;





seated nude-web

Seated Nude

You can find all three in full size if you click your way into the portrait-, hands and feet- and nudes-galleries

Exhibitions coming up

19.January 2012

Happy new year!

It’s about time to give you some information about my exhibitions this year.
First I will have a solo exhibition at Rakkestad Art Association 14.-29.April.

I will also be taking part in a collective exhibition at Gallery Skjæveland after Easter, the opening will be on 19.April. I will come back to this later with more info for you all.

I have been forced to turn down some exhibitions this year due to my shoulder surgery, but <i am very much looking forward to be back working full time in my art studi soonish!

Christmas Sale!

10th November 2011

Since I have had to disappoint so many customers by turning down portrait commissions before Christmas this year I am now going to try to make up for it;

So I am having my first Christmas sale ever! πŸ™‚

From today and up till Christmas I am reducing the price of my prints (lithographs) from Nkr 1 800,- a piece (without frame) to Nkr 1 400,- .

You can also buy them ready framed of course, the price will then be reduces from Nkr 2 700,- to Nkr 2 300,-

I have two different prints as you can see below, both of these lithograps are printed in a limited edition of 150 pieces. You can see them full size in the lithograph Gallery

Sp please get in touch with me either on phone 41 57 95 23 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 41 57 95 23 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail: art@ingadalsegg.com and I will post the prints off to you! πŸ™‚


A Touch of Love, 30x41cm without frame. 45x55cm with frame and mount.


Dancer, – 41,5x29cm without frame. 57×42,5 with frame and mount.

My painting arm is temporarily out of order…

8th October 2011

Several of you know that I am currently on a sick leave due to surgery on my right shoulder on 23rd August. I have been contacted by a lot of people who are wondering when I’ll be back in my art studio painting, I am not quite sure of when this will be, but at least I am not strapped into a sling anymore and I have started physiotherapy. Most likely I will not be able to paint again untill after Christmas.

I was interviewed by Trollheimsporten about this on 4th October, you can see the article here;

Inga Dalsegg møtte Trollheimsporten med målarhanda i fatle

– Ingen nye måleri før jul, men jeg kommer tilbake!

>>read more

Dog portrait

19th August 2011

Here’s a commission I just finished, it’s a portrait of a dog. You can see it full size in the Commissions gallery.


New Oilpainting

10th August 2011

Here’s my most recent oil painting, it’s called Dancer, – some of you may recognise this theme from a drawing and a lithographic print I have made earlier. This version is more colourful and is bigger.


2 new pastel drawings

26th July 2011

Here you can see my two most recent pastel drawings, you can view them full size in the nudes gallery.

Seated Nude 1 to the left and Seated Nude 2 to the right.

red1-web red2-web

Portrait Commission

23.July 2011

Here’s a photo of my most recent portait commission, youcan view this drawing in the portrait gallery.
If you would like to commission a portrait of your loved ones please contact me via e-mail or phone! πŸ™‚


Ole Martin, Sara Emilie & Christian

painting on old door

20th July 2011

Here is a photo of a new private commission I have finished, – I have painted on an old door. The clients have then mounted the door on the wall in their bedroom. A great idea for a different type of painting if you happen to have an old door lying around! πŸ™‚
There’s several photos of this painting in the Commissions gallery


Galleria Art Festival

7th July 2011

I will be taking part in the Art Festival Galleria in Mosjøen in Norway this year, Galleria is in the period 9th-16th July.

I am really looking forward to this, Galleria calls themselves Norways longest art gallery, and this year the festival looks like it will be bigger than ever before. The famous artists Inger Sitter is one of the participants.

Galleria is more than just an art exhibition though, it is also a cultural festival with a lot of variety; conserts both indoors and outdoors, seminars, theater, performance, live graffitti painting, and a separate film festival. Last year they made the worlds longest print, and they will be trying for a new world record this year too.

I will be there myself this weekend, but my paintings will of course be there during the entire festival.

As I am bringing some of my artwork to Galleria I have made some changes to my exhibition in Surnadal. Some of the paintings that were there earlier will now be on display in Mosjøen, and I have replaced them with other paintings. So if you are not going to Galleria Art Festival you can still see some of my work in Surnadal.

Artist at the Norwegian Salmon Festival

18th June 2011

Here’s my most recent pastel drawing, you can view it full size in the Hands and Feet Gallery.


I am this years Festival Artist at Norsk Laksefestival (Tthe Norwegian Salmon Festival) in Surnadal 23rd-26th June. My exhibition there will be in Gallery Finstuå in Surnadal Cultural House, the opening is on Thursday 23rd June at 6pm, everybody is welcome!

You can read more about this on the Norwegian Salmon Festival’s own web site here

Exhibition opening in New York

18th May 2011

On Tuesday 24th May I am opening my very first solo exhibition in New York, the exhibition is at the A.Jain Marunouchi Gallery in Midtown Manhattan. There will be a live jazz concert at the opening, which starts at 5.30pm. I myself will be present at the reception,

so if you’re near New York you’re very welcome to attend!

New Painting and New York

20th April 2011

Here’s my newest painting, it’s called Whispering. You can view it full size in the Couples gallery. The words on it are in Norwegian and translate as: When you whisper my name the sound fill the entire world.


I am currently working towards my next exhibition which is in New York next month. It’s at the A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery on Manhattan,the same gallery where I had a show before Christmas. The opening is on the 24th May.

Aukra and new painting

31.March 2011

I am opening my exhibition with Aukra Art Association on saturday 2nd April at 12pm. I will be bringing approximately 40 pictures; paintings, drawings and lithographs. The exhibition will be on display untill Friday 15th April. I will be present at the opening of the show myself, so if you are anywhere nearby please drop by for a look! πŸ™‚

Here is my newest painting, it will be on display in Aukra, it’s called Surrender and you can see the full size version in the Nudes-gallery


New Painting

18th February 2011

Here is my newest painting, it’s called; Melting Together.

You can view it full size in the Couples gallery


Portrait commission

28th January 2011

I have just finished a commission for a portrait, – you can view it in a larger size in the Portrait gallery

elin og per-web

Elin Leikny & Per Helge

Exhibitions and a new painting

25th January

My next art exhibition will be with Aukra Art Association 2nd-15th April, – You’re all welcome! πŸ™‚

The exhibition I am currently having at Pias Café in Trondheim will be on show untill the end of February, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet you still have the opportunity.

Here’s my most recent painting; Nude Landscape V, – you can find it in full size in the nudes gallery

nude landscape v-web

Artist of the Month

5th january 2011

I am Artist of the Month at Pias Café in Trondheim in January. My exhibition there opens Thursday 6th Jan at 8pm, – I will attend the opening myself. I will show both paintings and lithographs.

You’re welcome to pop in for a look and maybe a chat!

Pias Café is in Elgsetergata 4 next to Samfundet

Kitchen commission

5.januar 2011

I dag ble jeg ferdig med årets første maleri, og fikk det levert til en fornøyd kunde. Det var ikke et vanlig maleri, men et bestillingsverk som skulle monteres mellom en kjøkkenbenk og overskap.

Større foto av det ferdige maleriet kan sees i Bestillingsverk galleriet


Photo: Ole Trygve Fosseide

It’s both fun and exciting to get unusual commissions like this, and also interesting to paint such a different format, this painting is 240x40cm

The paper Trollheimsporten called this “New kitchen trend in Rindal”, you can see photos and read the article by following the link here

Newest portraits

17th December 2010

Here you can see my very latest portrait drawings, you get to see them full size in the portrait gallery.

yvind_med_Kristian Eliska_med_Kristian


New York

16th December 2010

Here are some photos from the art exhibition I took part in at A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery in New York. The exhibition opened on the 29th November and will be on show until the 24th December.

I am also going to have a solo exhibition at the same gallery next year, from 24th May-4th June 2011.

You can read reviews from several newspapers about this exhibition here; reviews104_5713



New pencil and pastel drawings

23rd November 2010

Here you can see my latest drawings, a portrait done in pastel and two other drawings made in pastel and pencil. You can see all three of them in full size in the Portrait and Nudes galleries

Andrea Corset

andrea-web corset-web



Portrait for Christmas?

17.november 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and a lot of people have started on their Christmas shopping. If you are one of those who have thought about giving a portrait to someone special for Christmas you should get in touch with me now! πŸ™‚

Portaits of children, grandchildren, a partner or another loved one is a popular present both to give and receive.

Take a look at my pencil portraits in the Portrait gallery here on my web site and it will give you a certain idea of how the finished picture will look. Price NOK 900,- per portrait, they are all in A3 Format.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!

The only thing I need from you is a good, clear photo, you can either send it to me in the post or e-mail it to me at art@ingadalsegg.com

trine-webemil b.-web

New Painting

4th November 2010

Here’s my most recent painting; Nude Landscape IV, you can see it in full format in the Nudes gallery.

I am taking this with me to my exhibition in Asker which opens tomorrow. You can read more about that show below.

nude landscape iv-web


24th October 2010

I will be exhibiting my work at an art exhibition in Asker Cultural house 5th-7th November, this is an annual exhibition organised by the local Lions Club, – 20% of all sales will go towards Lions’ humanitarian work.

Opening times;

Friday 5th Nov 3pm-6pm

Saturday 6th Nov 10am-6pm

Sunday 7thNov 12noon-5pm

I will be present at the exhibition the entire weekend, and for the very first time I will be exhibiting both paintings, drawings and lithographs, – you’re all very welcome! πŸ™‚

First lithographs

23rd October 2010

My very first lithographs are now finished, after another intence, educational, exciting and fun week at the printmaking workshop “Grafikksenteret” in Oslo. I have had very long days there while working on limestone with with crayons, ink, acid, asphalt, gum arabic, turps and more. But it has been very exciting to learn a new technique, where I also have to think and work in a completely new manner compared to in drawing and painting.

You can see the result below;

A Touch of Love Dancer

love-web dancer-web

And one more painting for my new exhibition!

15th October

I have just finished a new painting, in time for the opening of my exhibition with Tingvoll Art Association in Drøppinggården tomorrow!

See the painting “Safe” below, you can find it in the hands and feet gallery


The exhibition at Tingvoll will hang until the 17th November and the opening times are Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm and Sat: 9am-3pm.

Gallery Impasto

13th October 2010

My regular gallery in Oslo; Galleri Impasto in Kirkegata have now launched a gallery of my art and some information about me on their web site. Check out their site by clicking on the link below


Exhibition at Tingvoll and new drawings

10th October 2010

I am having an exhibition at Tingvoll Art Association, in Drøppinggården in the centre of Tingvoll, 16th October-17th November. The opening is now on Saturday, 16th October at 12 noon, – you’re all welcome! I will be present at the opening.

I am currently working on finishing some more paintings and drawings for the exhibition, so here you can see my most recent drawings;

Apple-web Joseph-web

“Apple” to the left and “Joseph” to the right hand side. You can see them full size in the Hands and feet gallery and the Nude gallery.


9th October 2010

I have just returned from a week in Oslo where I have been working at a printmaking workshop; Grafikksenteret. I have been learning how to make lithography, it’s been an educational, intense and exciting week! I have now started on my 2 very first lithographs, and will return to Oslo to finish these in a weeks time. I will post photos of the finished prints when they are ready.

Lithography is a technique based on the mutual repulsion of oil and water. You print from a flat limestone, the artist makes a drawing on the stone with greasy crayons, and then washes it with water. When ink is applied it sticks to the greasy drawing but runs off (or is resisted by) the wet surface allowing a print — a lithograph — to be made of the drawing. The artist then covers the plate with a sheet of paper and runs both through a press. For color lithography separate drawings are made for each colour.

See more about Grafikksenteret here

3 new pastel drawings

26th September 2010

Here are my newest pastel drawings, you can see full size versions of them in the nude gallery

nude3-web nude2-web


Gallery in Oslo

22.September 2010


I have now signed a contract with a gallery in Oslo, – Impasto Art Decorations in Kirkegata 17 now has a selcetion of my paintings for sale. You can see more about them on their web site here There will also be a profile on me and my art on their web site shortly.



News from art:oslo

20th September 2010

The big art fair art:oslo is now over, there was a lot of people who came to visit my stand, – and I had a long weekend with a lot of work, and not enough sleep. It was fun and exciting to meet so many other artists, galleries and the audience! here are a few photos from art:oslo

On my stand min at the opening night Friday 17th September;





From the art duel I participated in on Sunday against Alina Alexandrovna, the subject we got was; Mirror image


Me and Alina Alexandrovna during the art duel


Me and Carl O. Nordengen after the art duel

Two new paintings and art:oslo

Here are my newest paintings, you can see them full size in the hands and feet gallery.

You can see these two and many more of my paintings at the big art fair art:oslo in Oslo Spektrum 18th-19th September, it’s open from 10am-6pm both days. Please stop by and say hi, you will find me at stand A03-10!




Norwegian radio again

31st August 2010
I have been interviewed by the Norwegian radio station Radio Norge twice today. So you can hear me there on the News, which is sent every hour, and in Norgesmagasinet tonight between 6-7pm.

Reply from Aulie

30th August 2010

Marianne Aulie has finally replied to me, – in the form of a pastel drawing and a fairy tale, read all about it in Dagbladet

Aulie-painting sold

28th August

A lot of people contacted me wanting to buy the painting I made of Marianne Aulie, I have now had an auction, and just want to say congratulations to Even in Bærum who won!

The painting will still be exhibited at art:oslo, – the art fair in Oslo Spektrum 18th-19th September, so please come and see me on my stand there! You can read more about this in Dagbladet

And you can find more links relating to this painting under reviews


25th August 2010

You can hear me on Norwegian radio this evening, I will be talking about the painting I made of Marianne Aulie on the program “Sytten Tretti” on P4 which airs at 17.30-18.00 and on “Norgesmagasinet” on Radio Norge which is on at 18.00-19.00.

My opinion of Marianne Aulie

24th August 2010

Follow this story in the media, I’ve had enough of Marianne Aulie’s public profile and have therefore painted a painting of her the way I see her. You can read the article in Nettavisen here and in Dagbladet here

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New motif

18th August 2010

Here is my most recent painting, the motif is also a new one for me.


It’s called Exploring Exploring, and you can find it in full size in the hands and feet gallery.


12th August 2010

I will be exhibiting at Norways largest art exhibition this year too, art:oslo 18th-19th September in Oslo Spektrum. Here you can meet hundreds of artists and gallerys, the fair is open from 10am-6pm Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September. Please come and visit me at my stand for a chat and a look at my art!

Read more about art:oslo here

Wall painting in sauna

18th July 2010

I have just finished a wall painting in a sauna. I started working on this commission in the summer of 2009, I painted one of the walls then, – and I have finished the second wall now. You can see these photos full size in the Commissions gallery

veggmaleri badstue-web This years wall painting in the sauna

bergsvika-web Both of the wall paintings in the sauna

Final days in MΓ₯lΓΈy

24th June 2010

Wednesday 30th June is the last day of my art exhibition at Kraftstasjonen in Måløy, – so if you live nearby and haven’t been to see it yet you still have a few days left!

Exhibition opening

27th May 2010

My exhibition with Måløy Art Assosciation is opening on Saturday 29th May. The exhibition is at Kraftstasjonen in Måløy, it’s called “First Steps” and the opening is at 1pm. If you want to see the opening hours there, please click here

New Painting

6th May 2010

Here’s another new painting, it’s called; Floating in Light.

You can find it in the nudes gallery πŸ™‚

floating in light-web

New pictures and postponed exhibition

21st April 2010

My exhibition in Måløy has been postponed with a couple of weeks, it will now open on Saturday the 29th May. More information concerning that show will come shortly.

Here are 4 new pastel drawings and 1 new painting, – you can find all of these in the nudes gallery, – soif you want to see them in full size just look there.

candle-web candle studying-web studying

tea 2-web Tea 2 Tea 3 tea 3-web

bath-web Bath

New painting in different colours

8thApril 2010

Here’s my newest painting, – the colours are different from what I usually do, – black and white mixed with shades of brown. It’s called “First Steps” and if you want to see it full size click on the Hands and Feet gallery.

first steps-web

From MΓ₯lΓΈy to New York

1st April 2010

On the 15th May I open a solo exhibition with Måløy Art Asssociation in Vågsøy at Kraftstasjonen. The exhibition will hang during most of the summer, I will post more information about this later.

In october my paintings and me are off to Tingvoll, as I am having a solo exhibition with Tingvoll Art Association 16th October-17th November.

And at the end of the year I am off to New York, I have just signed a 2 year contract with A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery in New York, so I am starting with attending a group show there 29th November-24th December. I will attend several exhibitions there during the period of my contract with them! You can view Marunouchi Gallery’s web site at www.artin2000.com

Wall painting

26th March 2010

Here’s my most recent wall painting, it’s on a door. You’ll find two pictures of it, in a larger format in the Commissions gallery


Childrens portrait

3rd March 2010

I have just finished another childrens portrait, you can view it full size in the Portrait gallery,



New painting

27th February 2010

Here’s my newest painting: Comfort, – you can see it in the Couples gallery;


The delivery of Power

26th February 2010

Here’s a photo of me and Mr Raza Sakhi – principal Solicitor – Advocate (All Higher Courts) and the boss of Sakhi Solicitors – from when I handed over the painting Power. The painting is now hanging in one of their consultation rooms;


Commission for Sakhi Solicitors

16th february 2010

I am going to England on Thursday to deliver the oil painting “Power” to Sakhi Solicitors in Leicester. They are a young and modern firm who specialices in criminal law. Sakhi Solicitors are considering commissioning several paintings from me, so I will have to spend some time looking at their offices while I am over there and start working on new ideas for what can fit their premises.

Nude in black and white

3rd February 2010

It looks like 2010 will be a very productive year, here’s another new painting! I have put this one in the Nudes gallery for all of those who wants to see it full size;



New Painting

29th January 2010

I will be having a solo exhibition with Tingvoll Art Association 16th October-17th November 2010, but that’s still a long way away, and I am sure a lot will happen before then.

I have finished another painting, you can see it in full size in the Hands and Feet gallery



First new pictures of the year

19th January 2010

I have now finished the first painting of 2010, I have also done a few commissions.

The oil painting Drifting Thoughts, – which you can now see in the Nudes gallery:


and the two commissions, – which you can find in the galleries Portraits and Couples.

portrait of Guri and Geir

guri geir-web

and the pastel drawing Couple 3

guri geir-web

And even more new portraits before Christmas

18th December 2009

I have received a lot of commissions for portrait drawings in the months before Christmas this year. here you can see 2 new ones I’ve added to the portrait gallery today, – where you can see them in a larger size;

emil b.-webEmil

emil s.-web

Emil S.

New drawings

25th November 2009

I have added some new drawings today, you will find them in the Portrait and Couples gallery, so take a look!

A few examples:

mathias-web Mathias

maia-web Maia

adam-web Adam Leon & Linn

Christmas exhibition

20th November 2009

I am participating in a Christmas exhibition at Galleri Tallulah in Orkanger, Norway. This is a collective exhibition where I am exhibiting together with 2 other artists: Grethe S. Solemsløkk and Rita Lie.

The opening is Saturday 28th November at 4pm, and the exhibition will hang untill the 23rd December.

You can see more about the exhibition and the other 2 artists here.

Galleri tallualh is situated at Orkedalsveien 23, 7300 Orkanger, Norway.

Portrait for Christmas?

15th November 2009

Christmas is just around the corner, and a lot of people have started their Christmas shopping. If you are one of those who have thought about giving a portrait to someone special for Christmas you should get in touch with me now! πŸ™‚

Portaits of children, grandchildren, a partner or another loved one is a popular present both to give and receive.

Take a look at my pencil portraits in the Portrait gallery here and it will give you a certain idea of how the finished picture will look, these are all in A3 size. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and for prices.

The only thing I need from you is a good, clear photo, you can either send it to me in the post or e-mail it to me at art@ingadalsegg.com .

Hectic but fun

10th November 2009

There was a total of 25 950 guests visiting Oslo Art Fair during those 3 days the fair lasted, – no wonder this is the most visited art exhibition in Norway! I am pleased after these hectic and long days, – it was exciting and fun to meet so many other artists and to get the opportunity to show my art to so many people who weren’t familiar with my paintings.

A lot of visitors

8th November 2009

Yesterday, – Saturday,- we had 10 653 visitors here at Oslo Art fair, – so it’s been a busy weekend! Today is the last day of the fair, – so everybody who has been thinking about coming here, – today is your last chance!

Oslo Art Fair

7th November 2009

I am at Oslo Art Fair now, you can find me and my art at stand D07-14. There are so many different artists here, so there’s a lot to see, and it’s exciting to be here. Yesterday, – Friday, there was 5 999 visitors here at the fair!

Below you can see some photos from when I participated in the Art Duel yesterday against the Swedish artists Lucie Rääf i går, we were given the theme The dream about the ocean, and then we got 20 minutes to paint a painting while the audience were watching.



My stand here at Oslo Art Fair


Oslo Art Fair

1st November 2009

6th-8th November I have a stand at Oslo Art Fair by Lillestrøm Station, – so please come and visit my stand there!

On Friday the 6th of November at 6pm I will take part in the Art Duel, we will be painting on stage while the audiense is watching, and do not know what the theme will be before we actually start, – so this will be very exciting! The audience will decide who the winner is, and the finished paintings will be auctioned off for the benefit of the Cancer Association of Norway.

You can read more about Oslo Art fair here.