Lecture and 2 new paintings

2.March 2012

Today I have been to Orkdal College and held a lecture about me and my art for the students there who has a subject called “Art and Communication”. It is always nice to be asked to do lectures like this, and since today was my second visit to that College I assume they are happy customers.

At the moment I am working towards two exhibitions which both opens in April; – I am having a solo exhibition at Rakkestad Art Association in Gallery Midstuen 14.-29.April. And I am taking part in a Group Show at Gallery Skjæveland in Jørpeland 19.April-30.May. I’ll keep you posted with more information about both of these later! 🙂

I know I have posted a lot of new drawings lately, – but I have also found time to do some painting. So here are 2 brand new paintings, – as usual you can view them in a larger size in the hands and feet-gallery and the Couples-gallery:

legacy-webhold me tight-web

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