Market Day at Bjørnli and in Trondheim

Wednesday 12th September 2018

It looks like next week will be hectic and fun!
On Saturday 22.september I will be at Bjørnli in Meldal at their big Market Day, called Torvdag på Bjørnli. There you can find everything from art, crafts, a fleam market, a farmers market, and fun and games. My stall will be inside, and we are open from 11-16

On Sunday 23rd September I will be at something called Liandagen 2018 in Trondheim from 12-15. This is a day for food and to honour people working with food. There will be awards, but also fun, games, local food fro sale, a talk around the bon fire. And I will have a Jack’o’lantern exhibition! I will alsohave a demonstration of how to make fun and scary pumpkin lanterns for Halloween. And we will share ideas of what to make with all the leftover pumpkin.
A pumpkin lantern exhibition needs more than just a few Jack’o’lanterns, so I am getting a special delivery with pumpkins in a few days, and next week i believe I will just have to leave my paint brushes and focus on my carving skills!
Untill then, here’s a couple of pictures from last year!

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