New commission

20th October 2012

My most recent painting was picked up by it’s new owner yesterday, – you can see a picture of it below here. This was a commission of the type that I really enjoy, – where I get a lot of freedom. The only thing that was decided upon in advance was the colour yellow, the atmosphere or mood of the painting, and the size. So with the rest left up to me it was also pretty exciting when the client got to see the finished result for the first time!

It has already been hung on the wall in it’s new home, and I have received excellent feedback, – which means a lot to me.

I have now started on a new commission, – of the type that I usually receive a fair few of this time of year; a portrait of two children. If you have been thinking of buying a portrait of your loved ones as a Christmas present for someone I would recommend ordering it already now, – to be sure you receive it in time. 🙂

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