New merchandise

Wednesday 14th November 2018
Hoooraaaayyy! The first parcel with some of my new art merchandise arrived today! The rest is still in custom, but on it’s way.
Just pop by my art studio if you would like to see them live!
A lot of you people have asked me about prices, – I am sorry that this has taken some time. But I have had to read up on rules for import, taxation, custom, various shipping costs as some of the merchandise is made in Germany, some in the UK, and some in USA. Not easy for an artists brain who’d rather be creative and make stuff instead of doing office work!
BUT it looks like I am starting to get a grip on it all now, so here are some prices, – with pictures and stuff!
All prices here are in Norwegian kroner. On the web site everything is in dollars or Euro, just pick what you prefer.

This is NOT massproduction, everything is made on order, with my art, according to my designs.
I try to add new paintings and drawings every day, so the collection is ever increasing!
if you would like something made with a piece of my art that isn’t here yet, just get in touch and I will fix it!

You can find my entire Red Bubble collection here
(If you scroll to the bottom where it says country, and change from $ to € all measurements will automatically change from inches to cm!)

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