New oil painting

Wednesday 14th September 2016

I have just finished another painting.
I imagine a lot of people recognise the feeling of having a bad day, a seriously shitty day. But it’s just not the time and place for that, so you certainly cannot show it. You have responsibilities, maybe you have a job where you have to be service minded and keep smiling.
For me that sort of situation feels like this painting. There’s an enormous contrast between the outer facade and your inner feelings.
You focus on keeping the facde, get through the day. Smile, be polite, chat, do all the stuff you have to do. While inside you just want to scream and shout out all your frustration/ despair/ anger/ grief, – whatever it is. But you cannot allow those feelings to show until you get home….

I have called this painting “The Struggle Within”, it is 70×51 cm, oil on canvas, and the price is Nkr 13 600,-. You can find it in both the Emotions and feelings-gallery and the For sale-gallery.