New painting

Friday 3rd April 2020

It’s  Friday evening, and I have just finished a new painting, so now I can relax the rest of the week!
This is an oil painting, it’s 50×33 cm. price kr 8 800,-
I feel this painting suddenly became even more relevant now. It is about simple everyday pleasures, but still actions that are impossible for many of us now.
Maybe the situation we are in now will make us appreciate moments like these even more when we can interact with each other again?
In January, I had a poll at my Facebook page, where my followers got to vote and decide which painting theme I should make a new version of – ie a new twist on the same type of subject matter.
The picture that got the most votes was one with an old hand receiving a bouquet of flowers from a child’s hand. That is the background for me making this one. It’s interesting seeing how very different the two paintings are, although the theme is the same.
I’ve never tried anything like this before, but thought this was fun! I hope you like the pnew painting!

New painting, with the same subject as earlier
Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present oil on Egyptian papyrus, 34 x 45 cm, painted on commission

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