Nine lives for Inga

Sunday 2th September 2016

If you missed the chance to hear the interview with Frøya and me on the radio this morning it’s stll not too late.
NRK has posted their article online, and in that you can also find the link to hear the interview.


Frøya the cat has stopped Inga Dalsegg (41) from endig her life several times. Inga doesn’t want Frøya to be left alone in her house with her dead body, without the possibility to understnd why she isn’t alive anymore.
Frøya has spent the nigt outside and is tired, she is curled up asleep on the sofa inside a small yellow house in the centre of Rindal. She is getting her black shiny fur brushed by Inga, while she is purring loudly.
Read and hear the rest here.