Packed at Pumpkin carving workshop!

30.October 2014
Wow what a day yesterday ended up being!!
So many people showed up, there wasn’t room for any more, and the result was 35 pumpkin lanterns.
Several journalists also showed up, including the tv-channel TV2. The result was sent on the National Breakfast-tv show “God Morgen Norge” this morning. This is the 3rd year in a row I am on that tv-program with my pumpkin carvings. Only difference is that it was filmed at my art studio this year instead of live from tv-studio.
You can see links to articles with lots of photos from Driva and Trollheimsporten underneath the photos, naturally all links like that are also to be found under Reviews as usual.
A lot of people have already asked me if I will hold another workshop next year, and/or make it an annual tradition!
Here’s a few photos from yesterday:


One of my pumpkins, Pennywise the clown from the movie “It”

Some have started on their pumpkins, others are planning.
TV2 was there for several hours and filmed


Preparations are important


Ready to start carving

5 gresskar

A few of the many pumpkins carved yesterday

Anne Karin

Anne Karin had travelled all the way from Kristiansund to learn how to make pumpkin lanterns!

Article with photos in Driva here
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