Pumpkin carving workshop

Thursday 1.October 2015

There will be a Pumpkin Carving Workshop here at Dalalåven Art Studio Thursday 29.October. I have divided it into two parts, one at 16.30 and one at kl 19.00.
Please note: You need to register first.
Contact me for registration and any further questions at:
art@ingadalsegg.com or phone: 41 57 95 23

Payment on arrival, – by card or cash

Last year was the first time I held a Pumpkin Carving Workshop, – and it was beyond my wildest imagination. People of all ages, and from far away showed up. 3 days later I was asked if this would become an annual tradition.
I had no registration last year, as I didn’t expect so many people, and ended up with not enough room for everyone. So that is why there is a registration now.
I have bought several more kits of pumpkin carving knives, – I believe there should be enough so everyone can borrow.

My pumpkins have received nation wide attention in Norwegian media, – I have carved pumpkins on Breakfast TV and on the News on several TV channels. I have also made a pumpkin carving lesson for the comic book Nemi. Last year the TV channel TV2 even came to my pumpkin carving workshop here in Rindal.
Now you have the opportunity to learn the techniques and get expert help!
If you are on Facebook you can find the event right HERE

Some extra info

It’s a good idea to bring an apron, pumpkin carving is fun, but messy!
Avoid buying a pumpkin that is partly green og light yellow, – that means it is not ripe yet, – so it will be hard and difficult to carve.
Carving a pumpkin lantern takes time.
Hollowing out a pumpkin also takes time, so if you have a limited amount of time, or are of the impatient type I recommend hollowing out your pumpkin before you arrive.

Carving the lantern is by far more fun then hollowing out the pumpkin goo! 🙂
Draw a lid with edges on top of your pumpkin. When cutting this lid remember that a lid needs an edge to rest on, so do NOT cut straight down, – but angle your knife in towards the centre of the pumpkin when cutting.

Hollow out the pumpkin, scrape out all the goo, and scrape the wall you want to carve until it is about 3cm thick at the most.



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