Pumpkin carving workshops

Sunday 30.October 2016

I held 2 pumpkin carving workshops this week

The firstone was at Å in Meldal. This was mainly adults. It was a brilliant evening, everyone was so eager and excited, there was constant activity, and they also served pumpkin soup and foccacia.
I had a great time, but unfortunately I was so busy I forgot to take photos while everyone was carving. At least I did get some pictures of the result though!


8 pumpkin lanterns at Å in Meldal
Yummy pumpkin soup and foccacia
The 4 youngest participants at my workshop at Å










The second workshop was for the Association of Children with Heart Disorders. It was a lovely day with very excited children. The youngest ones here were only 4 years old. They started the day at my art studio Dalalåven Atelier before we  started on carving pumpkins. They had also hired in Åse Børset to do face painting. So full on halloween mood!

Thank you for booking me,a nd thank you to all of you who came to my workshops!


Youngpumpkin carvers with their lanterns
Lots of action at the workshop for The Association of Children with Heart Disorder
Me explaining and showing what to do
Lots of pumpkins carved at the workshop for The Association of Children with heart Diorder