Pumpkin season is over

Monday 31st October

My life has been all about pumpkins every single day since 14th October, with carving pumpkins, travelling around the country with my pumpkin carving workshops, and carving pumpkins on national TV. There’s pictures and more about all that on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
I finished the pumpkin carving season today with a final pumpkin lantern of my art studio cat Pusur – about time I carved a cat in a pumpkin I have to say!
I now return to my paint brushes, palette and easel, and hope you have enjoyed my pumpkin art.
below is a video of my pumpkin of the norse god Loki with Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent, the troll pumpkin I carved on live TV and of thoday’s carving of the cat Pusur. Also a few pictures of me carving punmpkins on Norway’s biggest breakfast TV show: Good Morning Norway Thursday 27th october 2022

TV host Cathrine Fossum carved a pumpkin with guiding from me on God Morgen Norge

 Carving pumpkins on TV