Small painting of horse

Tuesday 9th October 2018

I have just finished this oil painting, this is fairly small, only 25×33 cm, and the price is 4 900,- Norwegian kroner (+ postage)
When I was a young art student, I had a big art poster of the famous artist Theodor Kittelsen’s picture of the Norse water spirit “Nøkken” in the form of a white horse in my bedsit. I loved the timeless, mysterious fairytale mood of it.
My horse is probably not a water spirit, but I wanted to give this painting a slightly timeless fairytale feel, but with a strong woman (not one of these fairytale princesses that just sits there waiting for a prince).
I don’t think I’ve painted a horse since primary school or therabouts, so I am just hoping this is of an acceptable standard for all of the horse lovers out there!

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