The county’s most sexy car?

Wednesday 14th April 2016

My car has been through a serious upgrade today, to match me a bit better! I am extremely happy with it myself, and I have to admit that even ater just a few hours I already love my car a lot more!
The fab dsigners at Anunatak have made the design, while the foil has been put on by the local company EB Video
With polkadots, eyelashes and on the side I am hoping I neer have to search for ours to find my car at a parking lot again, or once again actually open the door and sit down in th wrong car! nd of course, a roling businss card is good marketing too.
HelfigurInga Dalsegg bil ingr

Photo: Eva S Rønning, Trollheimsporten

The newspaper Trollheimsporten was present when I picked up the car this afternoon, and to quote them “Inga Dalsegg never does anything by halves. Not even when it comes to getting  car. When the artist bought her first car it had to be made into something unusual”
Read the est of the article and see more photos in the article at Trollheimsporten here

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