Titi Suru and Donald Trumpkin

Monday 30th October 2017

Here’s my two most recent pumpkins, a nice one of the hunky wolf Titi Suru from the musical Rock’n’roll wolf.
And the scariest pumpkin I have ever carved; Donald Trump. This was a commission.
Sometimes you get a commission you just can’t say no to, even if you really don’t have the time. When Frode Haarstad Music from Oppdal contacted me last night and asked if it was possible to order a Donald Trump pumpkin said I yes straight away. Even though I couldn’t fin a decent sized pumpkin anywhere locally and it meant working till really late on a Sunday.
I have carved a lot of weird, fun, creepy and scary pumpkins through the years, but never before something as scary as this guy here…. So here’s my Trumpkin, and as he probably would have said 
«I have the best pumpkins. The greatest. Everyone agrees they are the best. They’re YUGE!I hate Halloween. I cannot recall ever saying anything bad against Halloween, I mean, I love Halloween! I’m just saying, no one can do better Halloween than me. I put the H i Hallo and the W in wiener.. hold on. One year for Halloween I dressed as a taco. I mean, there’s something scary about tacos. And I was amazing. I was the ultimate taco. This year I’m going as a wall. I will be the most awesome wall, built with a lot of pricks. I mean bricks. Tough bricks. I’m gonna make Halloween great again! Grab it by the.. pumpkin!»

Titi Suru from the musical “Rock’n’roll Wolf”
Donald Trumpkin, scariest pumpkin motif ever in my opinion

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